Allergens and Irritants in Cosmetics

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind everyone will have differing opinions on this topic, this post is merely based on my experience and opinions, I welcome constructive criticism.  ...more
I actually found out that I had an allergic reaction not too long ago. I started getting red and ...more


KatsConfessions I am so happy that you agree! I find especially for make up it is no problem at ...more

A Bittersweet Day

(I apologize for the double post, in my rush to post before school, i failed to notice I posted the wrong draft to Sorry Ladies!) Now on to the cruelty free beauty! ...more

A Bittersweet Day

Most days at Esthetician school are wonderfully relaxing and fun, full of learning. Other days, like today, can be emotional....more

Animal Testing: What's in your cabinets?

Other than her penchant for shopping and candy, my wingwoman, Laura, is an effective vegetarian influence. When dining together, I pretend that she's easily offended (which she's not) and avoid meat dishes. Recently she said, "I realize that I'm a hypocrite. I’m vegetarian and yet I'm still using some products that test on animals. If I'm going to take a stand on this, I need to be consistent and look at all aspects of my life." Hence, my new interest in what we are calling, The Next Level. ...more