Monday Memories

So sorry for the lack of posts. We went on a cruise last week and seriously had no Internet until we got back. We had a pretty good time…I’ll write more on the cruise later, but are definitely glad to be home. Here are a few pictures from the past week  ...more

Thanks for the Sex Education for my kid, Carnival Cruise!

I recently took my thirteen year-old daughter on a Carnival Cruise - and she got a big dose of sex education at sea!  We saw lots of skin and some doors were opened for good conversations....more

Summer Cruise Event #Giveaway

Mom ‘N Daughter Savings is so excited to be a part of the Summer Cruise Event #Giveaway!  Wouldn’t you just love to win a cruise? I think we all would!   ...more

Great Websites & Tips for Cruising

Are you itching to get away to the high seas for some R & R? Well, before you book that cruise vacation, check out the following websites and cruising tips that could really save you some serious money. ...more

Granny Shoots from the Hip--on washing

Lava Sus Manos--Wash Your Hands...more

Your Family Needs a Little Sunshine

When I was 18, I boarded my first plane ride. Headed to Piney Point, Maryland, I was a small town girl on the way to a closed campus, 4 week course on a US Coast Guard base to earn a Merchant Mariner's Document and learn the ropes of hospitality....more

Countdown: 3 Days Till My First Cruise!

We are down to 3 days and 15 hours to go until we leave for our Mediterranean Cruise!  Today I am going to take everything out of my two suitcases, and put some things away.  I have been yachting before with my parents, and I usually wear the same things over and over.  Lots of white.   ...more
I think your newest purchase is beautiful, bright and happy! And, of course, you must make sure ...more

Captain Coward and the Sinking of the Concordia

There has been so much excellent commentary combined with a whole lot of conjecture on this terrible incident, I didn't want to weigh in on what seems to be a singular act of bravado by a seriously inept commander.  Usually, guys love to show off.  But when Evil Knievel jumps over a cliff, or a motocross racer does it, they usually only put themselves in danger (save for the spectators down below).  ...more

The Sandoval's First Cruise

Hubby got a seminar flyer the other week for an invitation to an orthodonic seminar.  Aboard a cruiseliner.  We are going and I can hardly believe it!  The ship is going to take us on a Mediterranean Sea cruise.  We leave from Venice, and stop in Dubrovnik Croatia, Corfu Greece, Santorini Greece, Catania Sicily, Rome Florence and Pisa Italy, and finally ending in Barcelona, Spain.  ...more
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