Vacations Shouldn't Make You Vomit: Why I Won't Go on a Cruise

Other people seem to like cruises.  They rave about how it's one-stop vacation fun: endless buffets of food, daily planned activities, and kid camps.  But even after having friend after friend come back from their cruise vacations tanned and rested, I have no desire to ever step foot on a cruise ship.  Stories like the 600 passengers that just fell ill with vomiting and diarrhea on a Royal Caribbean cruise this week seals the deal. ...more
Norovirus happens on land too.  It happens in land hotels ALL the time it's just not easily ...more


        The "talent" of making a lot of friends in a blink is like a second nature for children. We all know, as adults, this skill is very beneficial for their future social intelligence and ability to easily interact with others while responding to their feelings in a positive way.     ...more