Concordia's Deep Throat

The tragedy of the Concordia has been rocking the airwaves and bandwiths for days now, each day bringing out new revelations.  But for every bit of news that goes reported, it seems that it gives rise to even more questions. So true also in the case of the mystery Moldavian who was hunkering down in Moldavia after jumping ship and skedaddling as fast as her dancer's legs could take her.  But the most pressing question, in the first days of the tragedy was...How could this have happened?!...more

Cruise Ship Overturns in Mediterranean Sea (Yikes)

I have a huge fear of cruise ships. I've been seasick aboard my parents sport fisher. I just can't imagine being stuck on a cruise ship for days seasick. But I finally found a cruise opportunity I couldn't turn down -- and I said yes. And this morning, woke up to the news that the cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized Friday night, killing five people. ...more
 @slsandlin yes, that's how i feel too.  the best vacation ever was in the Mediterranean!  I ...more