Crazy For You

I can’t flip through channels and see the San Francisco 49ers without thinking of him. I can’t even see any of their memorabilia because the colors alone take me back. Starting in 7th grade, my entire existence revolved around Coach Scott McCahon and his red and khaki Ford Bronco....more

April 20th 1993 – Depths of Despair

Well, let me see whats new in the exciting life of me! Oh, the adventures are too numerous, too wild, too detailed, to express in their full intensity and potential on paper. Ah, anyway! Well yesterday I was in the depths of despair! Why? Oh who knows! PMS maybe, probably, most likely. I went to Karate – on the way there something went SNAP! Like walking through the woods and stepping on a stick! My priorities clicked into place! My brain shifted into the ready position, a smile arose on my face, my fingernails grew, my body relaxed and there I was!...more

Stalking Steve: My Primal Grill Crush

The recent alleged stalking of Alec Baldwin got me thinking. Uh-oh.  Very dangereuse, me, thinking.Alec Baldwin? Pphht. Come on.If I were a stalker, I could do waayyy better than Alec Baldwin. If I were a stalker, I would stalk Steve Raichlen. (Note to FBI: this is completely hypothetical and represents no intent to commit an illegal act.)...more
Love Steve Raichlen. I have a copy of How to Grill that is incredibly worn and coated with ...more

Gavin DeGraw

Well, well, well, imagine my surprise this morning when I heard the new list for Dancing With The Stars for this season...Gavin Degraw was on it. It's so funny about that, because when I was trying to think of something to post, his video popped up on the screen while I was treadmilling and it came to me. I love his music first of all and everytime I see him I think of him on the show What I Like About You. He was at Jenny Garth's wedding (I can't remember her character name) on the show and she was gilted....more

Major Duncan Hayward (Last of the Mohicans)

Blog Directory1. beantown ten2.beyond reality zine3.forbidden fiction (didn't know it was erotica)4.Gold Wake Press5.Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction6.Green Gecko Publishing7. J. Taylor Publishing...more

A Question of Loyalties

 Ok, I have a dilemma that i've been discussing.  So let's say you and your friend are single.  You go to the same gym and a fine piece of fineness al...more

Act hot for a crush and not this heat

 Lately I've been walking up and down our hallways at school thinking up different ways to beat the heat (it was 90 degrees yesterday in Ms....more

Cancel the cake tasting session, he saw the picture (x4!)

Dearest Bunnies (at the moment this seems like a good address, but as you will soon read my decisions recently have been slightly lousy),   I thoroughly enjoy reading dating advice and dating stories online....more

Secret Crush

I've got a secret crushThe guy that works at the UPS store with his jeans and sandals he always wears. I admit a guy that wears sandals all the time is usually a turn off for me but this guy is really cute. He is always nice to me and occasionally gives me free copies.The guy at Starbucks who always makes my chi tea latte and wears a bow tie. He likes to come into the store on occasion.A goofy guy who always has some new eye candy he brings into the store. They are of course all size 0's not that it surprises me. It seems like that's a lot of guys thing....more

My Late Google Discovery + OOOH Weee

So the way that I see it.  Ms Brown Suga owes my company a hefty amount of money.  She introduced me to Google Reader.  It's FABULOUS.  I know that i'm probably late.  In all actuality, it's probably saved tons of time.  Before, I would come in and check my work email.  Put out all of my fires.  Drink my coffee and once I got a second to breathe, I would log onto The YBF, Washington Post, The Independent, Prissy Mommy, HGTV, and check in on the Courteous Dater.  Man, the list goes on and o...more