My Late Google Discovery + OOOH Weee

So the way that I see it.  Ms Brown Suga owes my company a hefty amount of money.  She introduced me to Google Reader.  It's FABULOUS.  I know that i'm probably late.  In all actuality, it's probably saved tons of time.  Before, I would come in and check my work email.  Put out all of my fires.  Drink my coffee and once I got a second to breathe, I would log onto The YBF, Washington Post, The Independent, Prissy Mommy, HGTV, and check in on the Courteous Dater.  Man, the list goes on and o...more

Dancing Crushes are More Than Healthy | Women's Voices For Change

OK, OK, so ScienceDaily trumpets the health benefits of dancing, and other studies have indicated that dancing may very help to prevent dementia, but I can tell you for sure that dancing provides an additional -- and very important -- benefit that none of the scientific studies have touched. ...more

Time Heals All Fantasies

When I was a sophomore in high school I was secretly married. Well, it wasn't so secret since my best friend Gordy and I concocted the whole thing ourselves while trading notes back and forth between classes. You see, she and I were in love with two older boys -- Tad and Barry, who were seniors no less. Tad was mine, Barry was hers. They were best friends, very popular, too cute to believe, and didn't know we were alive. To read more of this entry click here or visit ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: I found love on Aisle 9

You are in the grocery store buying a stack of hot pockets to enjoy on your dinners alone in your stuffy apartment when suddenly you crash into someone else’s cart. Embarrassed, you consider running in the opposite direction and fleeing from the store. You decide to sneak a glance at the unlucky party. To your surprise, the carts magically part and everything besides you and this other person fades away in the distance. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more