Crushes Are NOT For Me!

I recently read a blog post about crushes that happened to mesh pretty well with thoughts that were already inside this pretty little mind of mine. If by mesh you mean I think that it is totally wrong and I can completely explain why.The post was about non-obligation crushes....more
SadWhaleFamily ugh put me right in that camp, the camp for jerksmore

Schoolgirl Crushes

I have a crush. I'll admit it.And this is just the latest. From adolescence to today there has resided in my girly girl heart a steady and motley stream of man candy, all completely restricted to my cranium and all fully outside the scope of my actual relationships. Harmless, whimsical, and surprisingly long-lasting all--the Liam Neeson era alone lasted over a decade. He still makes me a little giggly....more

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I knew it was going to happen. My son likes … a girl. You know - well you may not know, but he’s ten years old. I know I seem a little flustered, but maybe that’s because I’m a little unprepared.It was just a few weeks ago that I was surprised at his physical growth, so is it any wonder that I’m a bit behind in considering his emotional development? Regarding girls?...more


no that's not a typo, it's a mashup of pinterest + inspired, which is exactly what pinterest should do - inspire. so each week i will share my favorite pins....more

How Do I Handle My Daughter's First Heartbreak?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My 10-year-old daughter (who's in 4th grade) really likes this boy. Recently, the boy spilled that he likes another girl in my daughter's class. My child is crushed! She stays in her room listening to Taylor Swift songs. When I TRIED to explain that it is only a crush, she took a pillow and hit me with it and continued to blast "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Help!...more
My youngest will be 20 in May.   Our culture, music and the media is pushing kids to grow up way ...more

"Bandstand": Memories of a Teenage Crush

Dick Clark and American Bandstand played a big role in my early years. After the Ricky Nelson crush, I lost my heart to another teen idol.  Living in Philadelphia had the advantage that it was the home of American Bandstand, the TV show on which  adolescents who jitterbugged became as famous as movie stars. ...more
Jimmy Peatross was a good friend. He had a great sense of humor and may have been just about the ...more

Girl Crush?!?

Holly: It's fascinating the amount of information that you can learn about a person when traveling side by side with them for 96 hours continuous.  I thought I had pegged everything there was to know about Jenn, then she drops the socially acceptable term while in Portland "She so would be my girl crush"....more