Let the Baby Cry It Out? Here's What Happens 15 Years Later...

Our firstborn could never fall asleep on his own as a baby.  We did not let him cry it out, although we tried...once.  We w...more

The Question of Cry-It-Out (CIO)

Before I did a lot of nannying for babies and toddlers, I used to scoff at people who thought cry-it-out (CIO) was hard to do. “If the kid doesn’t need anything, then they’re not going to get to stay up later by crying and trying to get sympathy!” I said. “Let them cry and know who’s boss.”...more

Crying it out and Nanny's reaction!

As a nanny, I do a lot of research into child psychology, different parenting techniques, and methods to use for discipline, comfort, and even speaking to a child so that they’ll listen. Although most of my blog is how I deal with Professor, I’ve recently gotten the chance to night-nanny, and so I get to deal with Piglet, now nearly 23 months old, head-on....more

Babies Aren't Machines; Throw the Schedule Out the Window

Sue Buchelt tells me that parents are supposed to start working toward getting their infants on a schedule as soon as they leave the hospital. Her methods include stuffing the baby as full as he can get so that he goes at least 3.5 hours between feedings (both breastfed and formula fed) and letting the infant cry it out if he wakes up before it's time.But it's okay. She knows. Her pediatrician told her. Plus, she has four kids....more

Parenting Online - Part 1

As a first-time parent, I did a lot of research online.  I looked at Kelly Mom, at Dr....more

The Sandman Cometh

In the beginning we slept well. Our Chibby was a superstar sleeping through the night even before 6 months. Though he slept the minimum hours recommended for babies his age he snoozed peacefully curled on my chest or stretched out between us in bed. Then he began to kick in his sleep… so we kicked him out! ...more