Just a minute, Baby!

When moms aren't moms, they are judgemental. We all know this, because when we were younger, we were guilty of saying, Oh! why doesn't that Mom attend to her baby and make him stop crying. Fast forward, and when you're on the other side of the fence, and you realize quickly that the cooler your temperament, the easier it is to manage your crying baby. ...more

The magical 6 O'clock hour..

For the past month, it seems like it never fails, 6:00pm = chaos time. No matter what sleep schedule my 3 month old is on, when 6:00 comes around she is crying and fussing for no apparent reason. Nothing will soothe her besides putting her in the car and going for a ride. I have told this to a few experienced parents and they all say that it happened to them also and "all babies fuss at that hour". I have even read that colicky babies peak at this time as well with their fussiness. I don't know how long this stage is supposed to last but I hope it doesn't last long!...more

On Days Like Today

On days like today.When a short trip out in the world upsets the twins so much that the entire afternoon is spent trying to stop the screaming.When picking up one crying baby sends the other over the edge; huge tears streaming down his red face as I walk away.When cries of Mammmama!! mingle with wailing and screaming loud enough that his voice breaks....more

Do Crying Kids Really Bother You All That Much?

I had an experience a few months ago, and then again last night, that gave me pause, and I'd really like to know: Do kids crying in public really annoy you? I mean, does that really bother people? I will admit, before my propagatory ship came in, I was the first person to belch out, "Ugh! Kids!" at any appropriate juncture. The mere mention of children and the possibility that I may have to share real estate with them automatically activated the Eye Roll/Melodramatic Sigh Reflex. I realized, however, that children were people, too, and I couldn't discriminate based on inability to control one's impulses, form a sentence, or wipe one's own tush, as much as my insides quaked to do so. I accepted children, much as I do reality TV stars, as a functional part of our society, and moved on....more
@robotheart I agree completely. more

Other People's Kids

“All unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy.”                                           ….sign in a shop window ...more