What are Your Zodiac Gemstones and HOW to use it!

Amber @ The Chakra Diva.comWelcome July! There has been a lot of crazy awesome “newness” going on … such as new workshops, new business adventure (this one, just bigger!) and well, we are welcoming a new month, July. I’m particularly fond of this month because…it’s my birthday month (Yippee!) and we all love our birthdays right? ...more

How to Repair Your Aura Using Gemstones

Amber @ The Chakra DivaStones are used in correspondence to the layers of the aura to help return the body to a harmonious state. In my practice, I use this technique (along with energy healing) to help clear out any  stagnant, blocked energy or leaking energy that may be causing imbalance. You can do a variation of this process as well to help heal yourself. Make sure you have plenty of room!  ...more

My Gem Addiction

So I guess I have an addictive personality. First I was an obsessive extreme couponer, completely preoccupied in clipping, printing, organizing, and running to stores 20 times or more per week. Now, I am hooked on gems. I consider both of those “good” addictions in comparison to drugs or alcohol. Whatever the case, I’m addicted....more

Crystal Therapy: Choosing and Managing Crystals

To follow up on the blog posted back in June 2010 entitled "Crystal Therapy: Just the Basics," I wanted to share with you the following supportive elements when it comes to continuing to learn to use and work with crystals in your daily life....more

I've Lost My Rock(s)

In my effort to calm the chaos of my mind, re-energize my life, and find balance in my universe, I have searched high and low for something to ground me. Something that can anchor me to terra firma, something that will prevent me from coming lose and flying away....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Learning to Let Go