Eat your vegetables. They're good for you.

CSA Box Tour, Weeks 2 and 3

It's time for another peek inside our CSA box! Every box is my new favorite, and things are getting interesting....more

Alderley Grange Goody Box - It's Sign-up Time!

Today's post is a guest post by my lovely daughter and hard-working CSA/Goody Box coordinator, Dani......more

Going Even Greener with a CSA

I’m the world’s worst vegetarian. Despite living meat-free for 20+ years, I rarely—if ever—manage to eat the oft-suggested five to nine servings of fruits and veggies each day.(Wait, is wine a fruit? Didn’t think so.)Still, I’ve always tried to live a pretty eco-friendly life, including the requisite commitment to recycling; use of those funky, twisty light bulbs; and eschewing of chemical-laden cleaning and personal-care products, etc.But a couple summers ago, I upped my crunchy street cred by joining a CSA....more

Salad Days

Lettuce is abundantly good for you, but that doesn’t mean an abundance of lettuce is always a good thing.Which is why I’m sitting here in the community room at the Common Market in Frederick, Maryland, on a sweltering Saturday. Along with 16 other students, I’ve signed up for a class at the popular food co-op called Sensational Summertime Salads taught by Raw Chef Chelly, a wellness coach, vegan chef, and raw-foods guru from New Jersey....more

Cooking up new memories

Not shown actual size ;-)...more

a healthy living must: summer csa


How to Start a CSA Program At Your Office

Imagine picking up a box of groceries at work. Now imagine that the box includes strawberries, snap peas, asparagus, baby lettuce, and radishes all picked that morning less than 20 miles away; a dozen free-range eggs; local goat cheese; a loaf of fresh-baked bread; and a jar of honey. Start envisioning dinner: goat cheese and strawberry salad, asparagus frittata, stir-fry. Finally, imagine that this convenience cost you less than a trip to the store. Too good to be true? Not if you’re a member of a workplace-based CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. ...more
This is a fantastic idea, and something I would have never thought of. We had a CSA basket for a ...more

Where To Get Your Vegetables On.

Argh!  Google maps didn't translate.  Visit the site to see the intricate map included!more

Eating Local In Fort Lauderdale

Eating food locally grown and raised by small farms practicing sustainable farming is a value that I did not expect to embrace with such dedication. I do not like to be lectured when I shop for groceries so the moral high ground approach is not the reason I care so much. I appreciate the earnestness and passion of our farmers. I certainly applaud them for going against the trend of industrial farming despite the hard labour and low profit. As a consumer, what truly convinced me is that dollar for dollar, I get much higher quality, better variety, and healthier option....more