10 Alternative Ways To Track Democratic Convention News

A lot of people have been asking me about the best ways to keep track of the news coming out of the Democratic Convention in Denver. We all know you can watch cable news and read the major newspapers, but I decided to make a definitive list of the best alternative ways to follow the events of the DNC. ...more

C-Span is Following "Us" to the Conventions

A huge Media House has decided to follow (us) bloggers, twitters, podcasters and others to the conventions. C-Span has finally joined the social media community in a big way. They will be creating hubs for the Democratic and Republican conventions. Bloggers (Citizen Journalists) will have access to videos for embedding and a place to link to sources for the "on the ground" stories. ...more

Your awesome! It sounds like you are going out and representing us well. I will stay tuned and ...more

This is my candidate!


 I was clued to this on cspan. heh. what a wonk, eh? some of the actual citations were  ...more