In Defense of the Big, Bad Media

I want to take a tiny, inconsequential sliver of the gruesome tragedy in Connecticut and apply it to the broader hatred and ranting I'm seeing pop up everywhere...against the media. And it's not like this is new. Everyone hates the media, it's cool. I hate it, too, promise. For some reason, though, I'm seeing a lot of backlash against the workers of news themselves. And, honestly, they don't want to be there. But what are they going to do? Quit?...more
This is my FIRST online mention of the Newton shootings, but I really wanted to comment on your ...more

Preschool Pointers - 16: Nevermind

In love and sorrow. ...more


There's nothing I can say that's appropriate. Nothing I can put forth that would hold any meaning, make sense of the wrong, erase the gruesome hurt that I refuse to even imagine for fear of doing nothing but cry all day.I picked my own children up from school just now, and as they sang me Christmas carols and blathered on about their friends and day, I just hugged them close....more