A Cub Scouting Race Day

I really adore my son's Scouting group. I think I have actually learned more than he has. I am always excited to hear how to correctly start a fire or set a snare with a rope. (Rope can save your life. I shit you not.)So, I am not surprised to find that some of the boys events are completely overtaken by the father's need to craft things. Today was the Pinewood Derby. It was my first time going. It was not theirs.Read More >>...more

How to sew a Cub Scout red brag vest

Both of my boys are Cub Scouts, and they receive many extra patches that don’t fit onto their regular uniform. The Scouts sell a red vest for this purpose, but I decided to make my own out of red felt.You will need:...more

The Boy Scouts Dilemma: When You Love the Local Troop but Hate the BSA's Campaign Against Gays & Its Religious Discrimination

My son is at the age when many of his friends are joining the Cub Scouts. The local scout leader is a friend of ours, a terrific person, and a great dad. Many of the skills the Boy Scouts teach--using a compass, building fires, camping--are good, old-fashioned skills that we'd love our son to learn. But when you join the Cub Scouts, you are joining Boy Scouts of America, and supporting BSA with your dues. And therein lies the problem....more
I'm sad that there are no responses to your blog.  It's late, so I'll be brief: I was a Cub ...more

Cub Scout flag raising at school

Charlie’s Cub Scout group is small. I mean like only 3-4 boys small. We don’t have Dens, just the Pack. That’s okay really. I kinda like the focus on quality instead of quantity. That being said, Hubby as the Assistant Cubmaster and the official Cubmaster in the fall, wants to focus on growing the Pack this summer....more
That is awesome! What a great lesson for kids to learn at an early age :)more

Wordless Wednesday - Charlie's Pinewood Derby car

We finished Charlie’s Pinewood Derby car last night.  Weigh in and inspection is tonight and tomorrow. The big race is Friday.  Here is the finished car.Elizabeth...more
What's even more fun is being the den leader when the boys do this. It's a good time to teach ...more

Wordless Wednesday - Cub Scout Camp out

Yay Charlie! It looks like it was an excellent camp out!more

Tiger Cub Scout Charlie

Charlie is officially a Tiger Cub Scout. He is part of a small den at his elementary school. Hubby is excited because he never had the chance to be involved in Scouting. My dad was a Boy Scout as was my uncle and his son. My sister and I were Girl Scouts....more
Cute! Is he loving it?more