Well, it finally happened.

Today's the day I had to choose support for President Obama or my (inexplicable) lifelong allegiance to the Chicago Cubs.  While the charm of Wrigley Field, malt cups, the team's rich history, and the generations of shared misery keep Cubby fans bleeding blue year after year, there has been one thing I have always managed to look past.  It wasn't the falling pieces of stadium that sparked "tear Wrigley down" cries from non-believers a couple of years ago.  It isn't their less-than-stellar record...year after year after year....more

Listen Up Cubs Fans - Lou Piniella's Message

Lou Piniella had a message this morning and said it again today when interviewed after the Cubs won the NL Central with a win against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. He simply said to remain calm, to not focus on the past and the heartbreaks, but this 2008 team that just won the division. And to remind us there is a long road ahead but just let this team play baseball.   ...more

Chicago Cubs and Law of Attraction

Some people might think I'm going far out there on this one, but I those who know me, know about my beliefs in Law of Attraction.  I've been practicing Law of Attraction for many years now and strongly believe that what we believe in, is what we attract back.  Simply put, like attracts like.  If we are focusing on the positive, we will get more positive.  If we focus on the negative, we get more negative back.  "When it rains, it pours". ...more

Is this the Year - Part Two - Tornados

On Sunday August 3, I wrote a blog on here titled "Is this the year?" Some people felt like I am jinxing it. Trust me, I have always been the one who is the first to say "don't say it!" or don't even mention the billy goat or Bartman. but I can't describe it. Something in my blood just feels it - and it's not because this was the first year I finally went to Wrigley Field and fulfilled my life long dream of finally seeing the place in person that I've watched on t.v. my entire life.   ...more

Is this the year?

It seems a lot for me to be saying it.. is this the year? It's HARD for me to say it. I've been through the ups and downs. I vaguely remember '89. I definitely remember '98, '01, '03 and '07. Not to mention all the years (and heartbreaks) in between. There is no way to explain a life of a Cubs fan. I wish you were able to put it into words. all the summers listening to Harry Carey on the radio, sitting with my grandpa watching the games, crying and laughing at the same time. Or to explain why after the Cubs lost in '03, and my coworker ...more


I understand what you feel being a Cubs fan. Besides living with one, I am an ...more