How to Cuddle a Teenager

I lay in bed this morning remembering how it used to be.  From the time my daughter could walk or crawl out of her crib, she was an early riser.  I could hear the patter of her footed pajamas as she approached my side of the bed, usually with a book in hand.  We would snuggle together and I would read one book, or a stack of books, doing all the different voices for the characters.  The morning would usually end with a game where she would hide under the covers. “Ding, Dong.” A muffled voice from under the covers would say, “I’m the mailman and you have a...more
Thanks all for sharing. I hear they come back around 21 wanting to spend time and uniquely ...more

SEX NEWS: Penis Size, Cuddling, a Pill to Prevent HIV Transmission

This month has brought us all kinds of interesting news and the sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about health and sexuality that crossed our radar. Photos by Alex Barth and Nick McGlynn. ...more

Just Friends

We don’t kiss. I don’t know how long it’s been. Months, at least. There’s cuddling. And foreplay and sex. And more cuddling. But he doesn’t kiss me. I’ve only brought it up twice and still never bothered to ask why. Mostly because I don’t want to hear the reasons come from lips that won’t touch me. Mostly because I know why, I know what changed, and I know it was my fault....more

Floppy Penis Got You Frustrated?

Floppy Penis Got You Frustrated? The other day I got an email from a girlfriend who was debating whether or not to stay with her new boyfriend. Apparently Mr. Wonderful was wonderful in everyway except in the sack. There, what should get all large and in charge just curled up and hid like a big peanut left in the bowl to rot.    ...more