What are Culinary events for business?

The entrepreneurs for culinary business are always in search of great culinary events where they could show the art of their innovative restaurants....more

Mary's Secret Ingredients

Bon Appetit | Eat Good, Feel Good

Chronicles of French Culinary Education

First of all I am loving my saturated culinary life in a French kitchen, deep in the Heart of Texas, I am tired, but if you love what you do....its all relative. We had a fast and furious evening that included me, myself, and I preparing the escargot!  That's right, I punched holes in the little slippery suckers, made the special butter, and prepped many, many small pans similar to the image below.  It was awesome, fairly laborious, and totally worth it! ...more

Fancy French Restaurant Internship Survival

Well its official, I have survived two days and have been awarded a permanent spot on the schedule of a Fancy French Restaurant in a world renowned and regarded very French kitchen!  The behind the scenes are pretty amazing, so much to learn, first and foremost a language barrier, so I have my trusty Apps downloaded on my Iphone "Learn French" and the "French today translator" ...also, working in the South you need a Spanish translator, it makes me feel a buzz of excitement to have so much diversity around.  ...more

What's Going on at The Mount and Ask Chef Dennis

Someday's I wonder how I ever survived working all year long.  As the year winds to a close the girls and I both know how many more days of school we have left....sigh  ...more

Culinary Foundations 2-day 2

Hey Its Tereka here. Havent written on this blog in a long while but ive passed Culinary Foundations 1 and Foundations 2 is so much fun because we actually get to cook in this one instead of watching demos (yay!). So here is what we did on day 2. ...more

Nicole Plue, Koren Grieveson Are the Only Women Chefs to Win Beard Awards

Monday night, the upper echelon of the restaurant world gathered in New York City to toast amazing and innovative cooking. The James Beard Foundation Awards, which celebrate everything from innovative cuisine to great wine lists, drew culinary heavy hitters from around the country for a night of feasting and feting. Many call it the Oscars of food. But, as the restaurant world is a male-dominated industry, it comes as very little surprise that most of those who received medals were men. ...more




Tereka Introduction.

Yeah Vickie, I asked T. To join in, I know This past week was HELL,so bad I hadn't gotten on, so ...more

Charly How it all Started...

       Happy Cooking...   So I applied to Culinary School, and this is how it all Started....more