Coachella & Cultural Appropriation: Please Just Stop

I'm pretty fond of the indie music scene, and am known amongst my friends as a hipster-in-denial (only when it comes to music, I swear). Coachella was something I became aware of last year, a music festival taking place in California. It usually is one of the biggest parties of the year and sets the stage for many indie artists. It's also a hotbed of cultural appropriation—namely, appropriation of Native culture. ...more
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What Makes Cultural Appropriation Offensive?

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comAs I am fervently interested in equality and human rights, I read a lot of blogs that follow those topics. Frequently, I will read articles involving events of cultural appropriation, a phenomenon I just can’t wrap my mind around....more

Random Snark About Richelle Mead's Eugenie Markham books.

So, Richelle Mead  apparently did some kind of question and answer thing on Twitter. I have a few questions about the Eugenie Markham/Dark Swan books, but there is no nice, polite way to really ask them as they would cause extreme offense. (Because there is no way to ask these without being confrontational.) ...more