Legend of second button from a uniform …

The legend started in the World War II where young Japanese soldiers would give their second buttons from their uniforms to their loved one for keepsakes. This custom is being practiced as we speak in Japan still. Most boys when they graduated from middle or high school have their 2nd button from their uniforms spoken for. In the case where more than one girls would ask for it, then he would give the 2nd button to the girl that he likes the most and the rest of the buttons to the others girls....more
In case you want to watch a drama that I was referring to ... ...more

Why Spanish School Lunches Beat Ours By A Mile

Today I swiped something from my school in the name of being an informative blogger.  (See the things I do for you?)  I thought it would be fun to discuss...*dun dun dun*...a Spanish school lunch menu....more
This is SO neat! I love a lot of Spanish/latin food so this menu is right up my alley. Plus it ...more

Meet the Immigrant Neighbors Circa '50s

Meet the Immigrant Neighbors Circa '50s I was raised with immigrants, first, second and third genera...more

Children and the Global World

How to foster cultural awareness at a young age  ...more
I love your "Maptime" idea! I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and greatly value multi-cultural influence ...more

I promised I wouldn’t talk about horking

But I lied. I can’t help it. Horking follows me everywhere in Beijing. ...more