Why I Watch Sisterwives With My Eight Year Old

Why I Watch Sisterwives With My Eight Year Old I know, seriously. Can you stand it? I can't believe it myself. I can't believe I actually wrote that line. I watch Sisterwives. Ugh. ...more

Whoopi claims Southern culture root of Vick’s dogfighting, but it's more widespread geographically than she says on ‘The View’

COMMENTARY Watching a clip at Breitbart.tv of Whoopi Goldberg talking on ‘The View’ yesterday, I saw geographic prejudice rear its ugly head. Goldberg meant well, I think. She said Michael Vick’s enthusiasm for dogfighting comes from his background—“this is not an unusual thing from the part of the country he comes from, the Deep South,” she declared. She later added that if the culprit had been someone from New York City, her feelings “would be different.” ...more