West African Home Decoration

“I Paint My House” by Margaret Courtney-Clarke is a collection of photographs of African women decorating their homes. In addition to pottery and textiles, there is a South and West African tradition of painting the outside of the house with bold shapes and bright colors. The women express themselves and can document family history through their art and design....more

Zora Neale Hurston Festival

"Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities - January 23-31, 2010"...more

Boy, have times changed!

My mother recently asked that I send my six year-old daughter to spend the summer with her in Haiti. Now, this is a huge request under any circumstances, as I have not yet become comfortable with extended separation from my children (I’m told it gets easier with time). But, knowing how much she misses her grandmother, I gave the request a lot of consideration. ...more

3 Questions You Should Ask If You Have A Doctor and Even If You Don’t

One of the first things I did moving to California was to make a pilgrimage to Santa Monica Beach. I wanted to see the place where the fictional Dr. Marcus Welby would talk to his patients about not giving up, fighting for the next chance or saying yes to that one in a thousand treatment that could save their lives. Dr. Welby would not rest until he found the reason for the condition, no matter that his solution was far out of his general practitioner area of expertise. He was all knowing, all caring and had the good sense to select Dr. Steven Kiley as a bit of eye candy. ...more

I Needed A Sealtbelt For Maria Shriver's Women's Conference

On October 26th and 27th (Hilary Clinton’s Birthday) Maria Shriver’s Sixth Annual Women’s Conference (which sold out in a record-breaking two days!) took place at The Long Beach Convention Center.  In a nutshell – and according to their website – http://www.californiawomen.org/the-womens-conference-2009/ “The mission of The Women’s Conference is to inspire, empower and educate women to be Architects of Change in their own lives and in the lives of others.”The theme this year: Be Who YOU Are – An Architect of Change And Pass It On....more

Unleash Your Inner Cougar

Cougars are on the prowl. I don't mean the big game, man-eating beasts of the wild. I'm referring to wily, man-eating older women who cruise the sexual wilds in search of youthful male testosterone. Seems there are a lot of mid-life women out there exuding healthy appetites for younger men. They've popped up on the cultural trend known as cougars. Cougar women tend to be in their forties or fifties and selectively date men in their twenties and thirties, some even the same age as their sons....more

Cheating on Anguilla

I have a confession to make. * deep breath * You see… I’ve made plans to visit another island besides Anguilla, and I’m feeling pretty guilty about it....more

Porn is What We Have Done with Our Freedom

Porn is What We Have Done with Our Freedom   by Erin Solaro     ...more

The Confederate Flag – The Push Me Pull You of Culture and Race

Tenured Radical had a post on the 2009 conservative march in Washington. If you follow the link you will see two men holding a flag. I also encourage you to read her full post. When I see the fabric that is called the “Confederate flag” I have very specific emotions. They are visceral. I feel fear inducing recollections based in historical facts and events. No, this is not about bashing white people. ...more
SallyOh I would and will write that there is blood on that flag. I can't afford to make ...more