Rainbow Birthday Cupcakes

In true Misty Fashion, when my son said he wanted a goodie to take to school for his birthday, I couldn't do the ordinary store bought cupcakes or cookies that every kid does.  So I decided to do a rainbow cake.  In...more

Fashion Inspired Ombre Buttercream Cupcake

 I wanted to design a ruffle cupcake that reflected the soft beauty of frilled designer dresses incorporating the delicate flow that mimics the fabric frills, flowers, and ruffles that are in the runway’s lovely dresses. Using fashion as inspiration in my decorating of cookies, cupcake and cakes is one of my favorite designing techniques.  For this tutorial I wanted to show you how easily you can incorporate your favorite ruffles with a... ...more

The Good, The Bad, The Cupcake

When will I ever learn? There is no such thing as a sure thing, even when it comes to cupcakes.I received another lesson on my last reconnaissance. It took me to Goodie Girls, a cupcakery in Glendale, California. ...more