Spotted: Mini Cupcake Company on the Rise

Photo of Lily Brynes is courtesy of Lily & SPOTS NYCMillennials know what other millennials crave. That’s personalization, according to SPOTS NYC. The company can print photos, logos or messages on mini cupcakes within 48-hours....more

Pumpkin Kahlua Cupcakes

It's finally Fall, which means I've finally gotten over myself (and summer) and have decided to treat you all to an amazing Pumpkin dessert. I feel like all we ever see is Pumpkin and Chocolate or Pumpkin and Cream Cheese, but it's time for a different flavor profile to work it's way into the mix... KAHLUA! ...more

When Kettle Corn and Cupcakes Collide

It's hard to tell from the Southern California heat wave. However, one of my favorite times of year is winding down. No, not summer. I'm referring to fair season....more

My Frosting Frenemy

Sometimes we have to confront the past to grow. After a year of avoidance, I decided it was my time. Time to face my frosting frenemy - a blend of friend and enemy. ...more

Something Sweet: Prairie Girl Tasting Event

Blog Post from LifeWithCoco*a! ...more

Baseball Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

 Baseball Chocolate Chip Cupcakes We made these for my husband for Father’s Day. Chocolate Chip is his favorite cookie and now cake. I made them earlier so I could share with you. He already ate 4 of them! ...more

Whipped Chocolate Almond Frosting

This weekend I discovered a new love for yellow cake. Yep, you heard me right. Up until this weekend I had never tried yellow that I have, I don't think I can turn back....more

Gluten-Free Baking: Carrot Cupcakes

My daughter loves the idea of carrot cake, but is simply not a fan of what's usually put into it. She's anti anything that has to do with cheese, which means even a faux cream cheese frosting is completely out. The thought of raisins baked in a dessert bothers her, I kinda understand that. Walnuts are definitely out, she doesn't like the additional chewing involved.  ...more
These look nummy! I was going to replace the coconut sugar with honey and maybe only 3/4 cup of ...more