Summer Peach Cupcakes with Blueberry Frosting

Mariah and I kinda consider ourselves cupcake experts. And yes, that's totally a real thing....more
Balancing Cinderella We hope you do! :)more

Pecan Pie Cupcakes

Another personal favourite of mine, and of my dad's, a good old Pecan Pie! I love the softness of the caramel filling and the crunch of the nuts, it's pretty delicious, so naturally I wanted to make this into a cupcake. ...more

Sprite Cupcakes

A cupcake made with Sprite and adorned with cream cheese frosting! Can you say yummy decadence?  Light flavoring of lemon-lime with the richness of cream cheese frosting!

Dark Chocolate Cherry Pepsi Cupcakes

Truly decadent dark chocolate cupcakes with Cherry Pepsi in the batter. Yum! Reminiscent of cherry cordials....more

Orange Soda in Cupcakes? Yes, Indeed!

Orange soda cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting....So good! Recipe at ...more

Easter Basket Cupcakes w/ Edible Baskets

 I rarely try my hand at anything overly creative in the kitchen, but every now and then I attempt to expand and grow my skills when it comes to baking....more

Husband "Helps" Decorate Cupcakes! LOL!

The other day on my food blog I featured carrot-pineapple cupcakes. Yum! The cupcakes were the last of a trio of carrot cake reminiscent recipes. And likely my favorite overall of the 3 recipes I showcased. ...more

How To Make Easter Basket Cupcakes With A Creamy Center

How To Make Easter Basket Cupcakes With A Creamy Center ...more