Corned Beef and Cupcakes

I admit I’m not one of those all gung ho St. Patrick’s day people but I do appreciate the chance to make food in honor of this holiday. We always have the traditional corned beef, slow cooked in Guinness and brown sugar....more

Mini Potato "Paddy Cakes" for St. Patrick's Day

We're an Irish family: Potatoes are in everything, even our cupcakes. I turned leftover garlic mashed potatoes into these bite-sized potato cakes "frosted" with sour cream. We call them paddy cakes. ...more
Thanks chickenrecipesblog, I have five kitchen elves who love to help with the Twisted Tastes ...more

Funfetti Cupcakes

Super simple funfetti cupcakes. If you are a sprinkle lover, these are your new favorite....more

How to Sculpt Santa Claus Cupcakes

Christmas time seems to bring out my inner child. I remember waiting for Santa Claus is Coming To Townto  air every year (this was prior to VHS and DVDs). I could not wait to see Fred Astaire (he happens to be in another favorite Christmas movie, Holiday Inn) narrate the show as a mailman. The cupcakes above are inspired by both..Enjoy the video »...more

Cleaver Cupcakes

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I’ve got another fun dessert for you!  I saw these candy cleavers in a grocery store around Halloween last year and snatched them up. The package had a picture of the cupcakes I did below on it. I love seeing pictures of creative desserts and making them at home. They were super easy and a lot of fun. The cleavers are sold out on Wilton’s website, but they’re still available on Amazon....more

The Cupcake Battle of Riverside

You may not know it. But there's a battle brewing in Riverside, California. It's a battle of taste, creativity, and marketing. It's a cupcake war. ...more

Spotted: Mini Cupcake Company on the Rise

Photo of Lily Brynes is courtesy of Lily & SPOTS NYCMillennials know what other millennials crave. That’s personalization, according to SPOTS NYC. The company can print photos, logos or messages on mini cupcakes within 48-hours....more

Pumpkin Kahlua Cupcakes

It's finally Fall, which means I've finally gotten over myself (and summer) and have decided to treat you all to an amazing Pumpkin dessert. I feel like all we ever see is Pumpkin and Chocolate or Pumpkin and Cream Cheese, but it's time for a different flavor profile to work it's way into the mix... KAHLUA! ...more

When Kettle Corn and Cupcakes Collide

It's hard to tell from the Southern California heat wave. However, one of my favorite times of year is winding down. No, not summer. I'm referring to fair season....more

My Frosting Frenemy

Sometimes we have to confront the past to grow. After a year of avoidance, I decided it was my time. Time to face my frosting frenemy - a blend of friend and enemy. ...more