How to Create Sugar Paste Pansy

The Big Reveal: How to Host a Gender Reveal Party, Cupcake Recipe Included

This past Saturday, I hosted our family and some friends over for a little bar-b-que. But this wasn't any type of gathering....we revealed the gender of our bun in the oven!!   YES, I'm pregnant :) And Chris and I couldn't be happier!! Image: Courtesy of The Savvy Kitchen ...more
I personally think Gender Reveal parties are an adorable, fairly recent tradition. I think "Sex ...more

Lavender Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting

I really enjoy making birthday treats for family and friends, especially if I have a good idea of something new they might like....more

Dessert Bento Box, #Chocolate Party

You're invited to a #Chocolate Party sponsored by Roxana's Home Baking.  The Ninja Baker provided dessert bento boxes. ...more

Cake Decorating: Marzipan

marzipan You are either a lover or a hater of Marzipan....its one of those things, most people will have tasted it at some stage in their lives mostly through wedding cakes but whether it has been made really well and taste a different story. ...more

New Reader: Welcome - An Introduction to nectar and stone

 Welcome, I am Donna-Caroline and this is my blog nectar and stone. I write about cooking, fashion and lifestyle. ...more

Disney's Alice in Wonderland; The Second Half of the Dozen Cupcakes

Part two of the Alice in Wonderland cupcakes. Cheshire Cat Notes...more

Weekly Wednesday-Key Lime Cupcakes with Key Lime Buttercream Icing

Please stop by and visit my kitchen at to see this week's recipe- Key Lime Cupcakes with Key Lime Buttercream Icing. Yummy!...more

Lemon Loaf Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

Lemon Loaf Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream ...more

Cupcakes and My Girls...xoxo

  When Kellie and Alyson wanted to bake and decorate cakes today, I willingly obliged them with some lemon cupcakes for Alyson and chocolate cake for Kellie.  Why not...we can celebrate anything in this house with cake, and Kellie did drive us home safely with her brand new learner's permit!  So, yeah...let's make cake!...more