Key Lime Cupcakes

Coffee Cupcakes with Biscoff Spread Icing

Oh, Biscoff Spread where have you been all my life? We seriously need to make up for lost time!...more
These treats sound delicious. But - they are reminding me that I need to work out more often! I ...more

"Watermelon" Cupcakes

I've been thinking about starting a blog for months now, but a couple of things have made me hesitate.1. Who in the world wants to read what I have to say?2. My motivation for even considering to write a blog about my kitchen exploits and experiments has been the inspiration I get from reading a number of well-written, funny, creative, and knowledgeable blogs. Which brings me back to point number one....more

Themed Cakes; New Buisness old Passion

 Hello BlogHer, Im brand new to blogher and I am trying to make connections with people with in the food industry. I have recently worked up the courage to start my first buisness, a bakery called Lucky Devil Sweet Treats & Cakery. I have always loved making huge crazy birthday and wedding cakes, cupcakes you name it.  So I am so happy to finally be doing it for a living....more

Homemade Eats & Treats: Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you asked a belle to tell you one of our fave desserts it would most def have to be red velvet cake. Even our dog knows that the only thing better than red velvet cake is red velvet cupcakes!...more

Will Run for Cupcakes

I ran a 5K on Sunday. I ran for Cakes for a Cause. I ran to help young people who are transitioning out of the foster care system. I ran for a free cupcake…even though it was hot as balls outside. I ran for a real cupcake. Not this one. This cupcake is my friend. Friends don’t eat friends who are dressed as cupcakes. ...more
 He's great! Even when he's not dressed as a cupcake.more

#12. Eat a Homemade Pop-Tart

What are you doing this weekend? Going to your kid’s baseball game? Skip it. Instead go to Southeast DC… You: You’re sending me to Southeast?! Are you trying to kill me?  Southeast DC had a bad reputation, but it’s cleaned up....more

Pillsbury Cupcakes {made egg-free}

~Drunken Peeps Cupcakes

I love this idea! I bet they taste great with vanilla rum!more