What is Love?

Love is a many splendored thing.Love me like a rock, oh baby she love me.Love for sale, old love, new love, anything but true loveThe love boat.Love me tender.I'm just a love machine, and I won’t work for nobody but you, ooooh oooh yeah.All you need is love.Is that true? What is love? Bette Midler says its like a razor, a river, a hunger, a seed and a flower. oh, and an endless aching need. the last one I get, but the others?Can’t buy me love.Love, you didnt do right by me....more

Cupid Has Added a New Addition to My Growing Extended Family

My son-in-law, Giovanni—first generation Italian-American—is the newest addition to our growing family. He and my youngest daughter have just recently celebrated two years married. These Lovebirds are still newlyweds. Right up-front I can tell you that he is the best thing that could have happed for our daughter. But in order for him to “happen” in her life he somehow had to find his way here from the East Coast. It was glad tidings the day he manifested and became part of our lives....more
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Let Us All Submit To Love

 When Virgil wrote, in his tenth Eclogue, that love conquers all -- omnia vincit amor -- he was not making a statement about the power of love to overcome all obstacles. He was not suggesting that love can or should prevail over anyone or anything that might stand in its way; he was not asserting that love is subject only to its own rules; he was not saying, with the poet Bono, that love is a higher law. He was not saying that love conquers everything. He was saying that love conquers everyone. Love conquers us all -- it defeats all of us, it claims dominion over all of us, it overpowers every single one of us -- and so we really should just consider surrendering. Omni vincit amor et nos cedamus amori, bitches....more

Can we also send our spouses and friends and family to bed early? :-)

I like the idea, but ...more

Hey all new post!!

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