The Moon and the Stars

Wow!  I am at a loss for words when I look at the moon and all it’s surfaces through a powerful telescope.  My husband and I took a token camping trip to Fremont Peak State Park about 90 minutes from here last year.  Fortune smiled on us and we got a camping site with a view of the Salinas Valley.  Fortune again smiled on us with an astronomy event at the volunteer observatory.  For the first time I looked through a powerful telescope at the moon, planets, and anything heavenly.  I ...more

How curiosity makes learning easier

New research in the Oct. 2 issue of "Neuron" explains why the more curious we are about something, the easier it is to learn it.Why? When our curiosity is stimulated, the brain circuit related to rewards has more activity. The researchers also found that when the study participants were curious, they had more activity in the hippocampus (which deals with forming memories) and more interaction between the hippocampus and the reward system....more

Curiosity on Mars

I just watched Curiosity land on Mars. Did you? The excitement in the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA was contagious. Mars is a long way away, by Earth standards, and it appears everything went as hoped. As usual, I was thinking too much as I watched. All my life my mom has told me I think too much, so this is no exception....more

Stealing Away My Heart

There he is, only a few hours old, stealing away my heart. He does it quietly with soft grunts and squeaks –and quick little breaths inside his warm blanket, making my cradling arms simultaneously weak and as strong as iron. Welcome tiny grandson!...more

Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style....more

Curiosity for Career Success

How curious are you when it comes to your professional life (or life in general for that matter)? Did you know that curiosity can not only increase your chances for success but also bring a host more meaning to your days even if you work at the most mundane tasks? ...more

Hi Todd,


Thanks for taking time to read, comment, and tweet about this ...more

Are Americans Not Interested in Knowing About Life in Other Countries?

I've heard it said that most Americans don't want to read (books) about locations or countries they wouldn't go to on vacation.  Quite a sweeping statement, wouldn't you say?  So, if a book is about say, Tuscany in Italy, or the Provence in France, Americans might be interested.  But if it's about, oh, Kyrgyzstan or Botswana you can forget it.  Almost nobody cares. Oops!  What about The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith?  Wonderful, charming, delightful stories set in Botswana and they're bestsellers. ...more

We can't get M$M TV news media to cover accurately the reality of our actual lives. Look at what ...more

Beyond Attached: Wild, Inspired, Tranquil, Ravenous Curiosity, Playful…

What type of parent do you want to be? I asked my twitter followers and then thought about it myself. Beyond being attached (an important base), I want to be wild, inspired, tranquil, curious and playful. Read more about what twitter said and access resources on how to bring these styles into your parenting here: beyond-attached-wild-inspired-tranquil-ravenous-curiosity-playful/   ...more

Use it or Lose it

In Marian Diamonds book called The Brain she says, "One way to be certain of continued enrichment is to stimulate and maintain curiosity throughout a lifetime." So I thought I would include some great ways to keep yourself stimulated on a day to day basis.  1. Take a new way home. -Explore ...more