No Velcro? No Problem!.... Creating big volume and curl without Velcro rollers

No Velcro, No Problem!.... or is it? Well Ya'll! I'm at it again. You all know I sometimes get these crazy ideas in my head on easier and sometimes bizarre ways to achieve certain looks without the typical products. Hey, what can I say, I'm creative....more

Curling Rods are back!

Curling Rods are back!  ...more

Curly Q

As I sit in the waiting area of my favorite hair salon, waiting to get my hairs cut and artfully colored, I look around at the other patrons and stylists wondering about their hair and styles.  I have a short, blonde, pixie cut which always seems rare in my salon.  Most women have longer, wavier or curly hair....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Donating My Hair: What Have I Done?

I’m an expert at going against the flow. I will not be one of them. Every other girl at my high school has long, straightened hair. When they walk by, you can smell the crispy, burnt ends. Sort of like a campfire. Not really. Campfires smell good. ...more

I love the honesty and the way your words described that moment. I felt as if I was lying on ...more

Hair Woes: Why I Straighten My Hair

I straighten my hair. Daily. To do this, I have to allow for more time to get ready. I spend more money on product than I do when I let my natural curls do their thing. I actually feel kind of sad some mornings when my curls disappear with the wave of my magic straightening iron. But I do it anyway. ...more
Ha, this post came up when I shared my #NaBloPoMo post ...more

Top 12 Snacks for Super Hair -- where curls come to lifeHungry? Why not improve the health of your hair in the process? Below are some quick and healthy munchies that will give you great hair also! Bananas, good for more than comedy.  Almonds Walnuts Sunflower seeds Figs ...more

Top 10 Foods for Shiny Curls -- where curls come to lifeAdd these foods to your diet for shiny curls, coils, or kinks! 1. Ground flax seed or oil 2. Walnuts 3. Sunflower seeds 4. Olive oilGet the other 6 foods here:

The Other Brazilian

Exciting news for those with course, frizzy, untameable hair – There is a hot new Brazilian in town!  Ooooh la la la la…. And since they say the proof is in the pudding, this post will begin as a photo-essay – followed by commentary and treatment details.  As I’m sure you can relate, very few things are as upsetting as a Bad Hair Day.  I believe this process to be a non-damaging promise of Good Hair to many women who desperately seek it and struggle in achieving it every  day.   ...more

My First Blow Out...

I am so pressed yall! I argue folks down, that I can get a ponytail now! Hey it's a bit of a snatch back but it's mine and although I can only get it when my hair is wet...I KNOW i have a ponytail...haaa! In a few'll be goodbye TWA! I thought of a style I could try so here goes. Let me start by saying I rarely use direct heat on my hair other than the occasional diffuser on my wash and go. No flat irons (scared it'll ruin my curl pattern), hot combs...nada. Step 1: Wash/co-wash hair ...more