Nonoy Zuñiga to weave magic in North Carolina

Nonoy Zuniga will perform live in Charlotte this April 19 and I'm quite excited because he happens to be my favorite Filipino balladeer.Who would forget the soft and tearful voice of Nonoy Zuniga in the airwaves during the 80s? He's a singer whose voice would linger on in every listener even if he or she hears him sing just once.When you hear Nonoy sing, it's like every day is a Valentine's Day, know what I mean? Like love is just around the corner. ...more

Celebrating Women & Inspiring Change

March is National Women's History Month and...more

Why We Remember Dr. King's Speech

I was eight years old when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I have a dream" speech, and I can still remember it -- I still hear his voice in my head. Chances are, you do too. Heck, phrases probably resound with you, even if you weren't alive 50 years ago.The question is: Why? Look at this program -- there were a host of great speakers that day....more

An Adoptive Mom Speaks: Who Is Looking Out for Baby Veronica's Best Interest?

As an adoptive parent and an adoption professional who works in the foster care system, I have been very interested in the case of "baby" Veronica since it's inception almost four years ago. I have followed the ins and outs, ups and downs. I've read articles, court briefs, and blog posts. I don't watch TV news and in a way I think that may be a good thing here. I have no preconceived notions about either party based on their demeanor or media slant based on what network aired the interview(s). ...more
@AmandaR  you are misinformed. He fought for custody the moment he was served with the adoption ...more

Uberboomer News Update

 Uberboomer News,  June 14, 2013...more

Happy 3rd Anniversary Bette Boomer!

 In one month, July 12th, we will celebrate the birth of Bette Boomer. Between now and then, all of us have lots going on…as do all busy boomers! We have been honored to share so much in the last three years, and are excited about what the future will bring.We will have a lapse of updates until late July. I personally will be in Europe for 3+ weeks with my husband and two teenagers, and look forward to providing some insight thereafter....more

5 Reasons the World is Ending: No More Saturday Mail!

It’s over! It’s all freakin’ over. I always said when the mail stops coming on Saturdays, the world is ending.And on Wednesday, the Post Office announced it: no more Saturday mail....more

So Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump is Showing; WHO CARES?!

As I logged into my Yahoo! account yesterday to check my very important and serious email … there were the words … bitch-slapping me across my tender cheeks:Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump is Showing![Pause ... for effect.]When my eyes finally adjusted to the message, you know what words fluttered through my delicate brain?...more

How Did King Richard III End Up Under a Parking Lot?

If I was a king, I’d be pretty peeved if I wound up buried under a parking lot, of all places.Then again, if I was a king, I’d be pretty peeved—period—since I’m a GIRL. Well anyway, this is exactly what happened to England’s King Richard III. In case you haven’t heard the news, scientists confirmed Monday that a skeleton they found during an archeological dig last August is, indeed, the King....more

Sandy Hook and School Prayer: The Good Old Days Are Getting Old

The other night, we attended a wonderful Christmas concert for the middle school. We paused at the beginning with a moment of silence for the victims of Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook. The principal, who is a nice guy and cares about the kids in his charge, said that this happened because we took God out of our schools. Most of the crowd clapped for him. I did not clap. I may have irreverently rolled my eyes, actually. Not out of disrespect for him, but at the fallacy that kids saying a generic prayer every day at school was going to make sure that a shooter would not make it in the school building. I am a Christian, and I pray. But the Good Old Days of school prayer were not perfect, and I wish people would remember that....more
Excellent post. Thank you.more