Meet the Brave Women Who Are Fighting to End Female Persecution in the Muslim World

Originally published on Opportunity Lives

Dear Branstad, We Can Host Three Syrian Refugees In Our Home

Dear Governor Branstad,...more

Second language learning

Have you ever wondered why bother to learn another language? ...more

It Could Have Been Us

April 13, 2015, will mark one year since the murders at Village Shalom and the Jewish Community Center in suburban Kansas City....more

AirAsia Flight 850 Is Missing

Cheryl Rick KleinCheryl Rick Klein originally shared this post. Public I lost my father in law in 1998 on Swissair Flight 111 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Peggy's Cove, Canada. So my prayers and thoughts go out to all the families on this AirAsia Flight. ...more

Prayers for a better life

With all the suffering in Ferguson and the recent reports of gang rapes at UVA, I just wanted to send out a prayer to the universe—a prayer for peace and healing, a prayer for change, a prayer for love and kindness over despair and violence....more

Why Did No-one Protect Rehtaeh Parsons?

This is an updated version of a blog post I submitted to Huffington Post in April, 2013, in the wake of Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide.  Yes, I know I should not say her name, as it is covered by a publication ban her parents say prohibit them from sharing her story, but #RehtaehParsonsIsHerName. #EveryoneKnowsHerName.  #RememberHerName....more
IsoldeAvezaAllaire Hi there - sorry, I guess the sarcasm didn't come through. There is not an ...more

October hath passeth!

Yes, it's officially November here in Indonesia. NaNoWriMo has officially started. Annnd... I don't feel like participating this year. ...more

FACC Gala Night: An evening of fun and good memories

Me wearing glasses with FACC president Malette Aquino-Oliveros and Merly PenillaCLOSE to 500 persons attended the 27th Gala Night of the Filipino-American Communities of the Carolinas (FACC) with guests coming from as far as Durham, North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington DC....more

Nonoy Zuñiga to weave magic in North Carolina

Nonoy Zuniga will perform live in Charlotte this April 19 and I'm quite excited because he happens to be my favorite Filipino balladeer.Who would forget the soft and tearful voice of Nonoy Zuniga in the airwaves during the 80s? He's a singer whose voice would linger on in every listener even if he or she hears him sing just once.When you hear Nonoy sing, it's like every day is a Valentine's Day, know what I mean? Like love is just around the corner. ...more