A Trip to the Hospital

"I'm okay," I said, taking a gulping breath.The counselor tilted her head slightly, looking at me quizzically. "Are you sure? You look like you're having trouble breathing.""Yes," I said. I took another gulping breath."Well, okay then. Let me know if you want me to take you to the clinic."I nodded. I couldn't afford to go to the doctor. I'd never had insurance - preexisting conditions, you know. It was probably just a bad case of bronchitis. I could live with that. I wasn't going to mess this up for myself....more

It Was The Worst Of Times


Cat Colony on the Bluff

Fog socked in the bay, the first hint that the end of summer might be near. Jogging along the path that hems the bluffs, I repeated thankful prayers that the heat might finally be ending. All the talk of pumpkins and colored leaves would no longer make me angry once the heavy blanket of summer temperatures lifted.As I approached the familiar faded sign threatening a $500 fine for anyone who abandons a domestic animal, a moving shape in the brush caught my eye. Slowing down to a walk, I recognized the leonine gait and tiger stripes of a cat....more

Cruella deVil

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Hate Letter Sent to Mother of Autistic Child

While the intent of Laughing Mom is to take a lighthearted break from the challenges of parenting, every now and again I come across a current event piece that just can't go by unnoticed. I suspect my Canadian readers will already have seen this as it has been getting a lot of press this side of the border. Imagine: You are the mother of 13-year-old Maxwell. He enjoys visiting his grandmother and jumping on her trampoline. One day, you receive this (anonymous) letter in the mail. ...more
That is disgusting. Aside from all the hate spewed, I fail to see how living in an ordinary ...more

Bankruptcy for Robert Kennedy Publishing?!

Day's that something exciting arrives in the mail are pretty few and far between around here, but there's one thing I always look forward to- the day my Oxygen magazine arrives! I'm sure it sounds rather lame, but after four weeks I find myself craving the next issue. Unlike any other women's fitness magazine I've come across, it's well worth it's weight in paper; its pages are consistently packed with challenging workouts, useful information, and decent recipes....more

I Went to High School With Charles Ramsey, Cleveland's New Hero

I went to high school with Charles Ramsey, one of the men credited for helping to rescue Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, three Cleveland women who had been missing for 10 years. We didn't know each other as students at Charles F. Brush High School, even though we graduated the same year. It was only after fellow high school classmates posted on Facebook this week that I learned our lives had intersected then. ...more
So let me guess. You loved Cleveland, Ohio but decided to move to my beloved State of California ...more

Did Feminism Say Women Could Have It All? Not Really

Can women – or men, for that matter – have it all? As a hope-to-one-day-be-a-working-mom, I’m wading into this Internet debate. I just can’t help myself. Aside from my firm conviction that “having it all” is an objectionable phrase that should have been retired almost as soon as it came into fashion, I also find this ongoing conversation to be, well, how can I put this? Silly. Not because there’s not a problem here – there is – but because the “solutions” proposed by the parade of working-mothers in glossy magazines are inadequate and incomplete. ...more
We need to teach our girls AND boys about feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment, etc. It is ...more

Constitutional Rights - Duncan and the .410

http://blog.marthaschaefer.com/2013/02/constitutional-rights-duncan-and-... ...more