The Female Definition of Power

Recently, an article posted on CNN ran with the headline, "Female Senators Say They'd Already Have the Fiscal Cliff Solved." There was near unanimity among the female Senators today that they’d be able to broker a deal faster themselves.  “What I find is with all due deference to our male colleagues,is that women’s styles tend to be more collaborative,” Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, said. ...more

Inspirational Sunday Week 3

Rep. Gabby Gifford's Shooter Sentenced--It's Not Enough

Editor's Note: Ashleigh Burroughs was shot three times at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Tucson, Arizona press event in January 2011. She has been writing about the shooting and its aftermath for BlogHer. Below is what she had to say after gunman Jared Loughner's plea bargain in August. Loughner was officially sentenced today; Gabrielle and her husband, Mark Kelly, were there (read Kelly's statement). Ashleigh also spoke in court. We will update if Ashleigh is able to post about it on her blog. --Julie ...more

Saturday Funnies LV

Ah, I love Saturday!! Time to laugh!! My husband is a Tax guy.  October 15th is the last deadline of the year for individuals and he gets some funny emails.  With this year being an election year, well, he got some fun ones.  The one below I thought was somewhat ok to share.  Remember, we are almost at the end, keep laughing,just keep laughing!!Dear Mr.CPA,The IRS sent my Tax Return back!  AGAIN!!!  I think it has something to with my response to the question:List all dependents?I replied -...more

Nanny Support: Dealing With a Sometimes-Tough Job in a Tough Time

It’s hard to even write a post like this. It’s hard to think that anyone could do such a despicable thing, to kill children, to even hurt them. And yet, this has to be said -– it has to be talked about, especially in the nanny community. Because the woman charged with this crime is one of our own....more
This is a timeless post on a subject that unfortunately won't go away. Thank you!more

Jennifer Livingston Story:My Rant!

I am not sure what or where we are going in this great big wide world? Social mores are forever changing and with all the technology the mores get trickier, weirder and the lines are blurred. Quite frankly things are a mess....more

The Bullying Bandwagon!

How Does This Happen?

Hand Sani Recalled Due to Bacterial Contamination.I guess that "dangerous bacteria" was part of the 0.01% of germs that Purell doesn't kill. I MEAN FUCK. How in the what the what even I can't.How is this even possible?...more