The Platform Is Bigger Than The Man

Complaints about our president and his politics seem to have obscured the fact that along with electing Obama, we also bought into his platform, consciously or not. While the man, himself, may fade in his celebrity, perhaps, what may remain could be the platform he brought us; a president’s legacy already in the making. For a change, a message that is potentially bigger than the man! Memorable in the same way as John F. ...more

Open letter to occupiers:Hypocrisy in Zucotti Park

Dear Occupiers:...more

Will he go?

I'm watching Skai news and trying to make sense of what's happening down in Syntagma. It would help if I knew a few more words than χάος (chaos) and Papandreou. The hot money is on him going but I wonder if he'll just tough it out?This is really to test mobile blogging.I know; I don't blog for years and then it's all the time....more

How to explain 9/11 to my kids?

Yesterday, a friend and I took our kids out for lunch (4 kids combined). The restaurant we chose had lots of pictures of anything you can imagine all over the place. One picture over our table was a small picture of the Twin Towers. My son looked at the picture and then asked, "what is that?". This innocent question caught me off guard. And then my mind started spinning with how to answer him. ...more

Drowning Zoo Animals Shot by Officials During Flooding

Drowning Zoo Animals Shot by Officials During Flooding: ...more
It's a tough call. We spend a lot of time at several national parks were bison have the freedom ...more

Seriously.... You Are Raffling a Glock?

You can read the Huffington Post's take on it, or you can try to find the head of the Republican party in Pima County defending himself on CNN -- for raffling a Glock as a fundraiser. The same type of gun used by the shooter on January 8th in the Safeway parking lot, the same kind of weapon that injured my Congresswoman and killed the 9 year old who was holding my hand. ...more
Thank you for expressing this so much better than I could have expressed it. This is not a ...more

Football & Religion: Are They Really So Different?

The beginning of football season brings the inevitable weekend cookouts, cheese dip, and the occasional yelling at the television. Religion isn’t usually mentioned -- except for the casual blasphemy and overtime prayers. Religion and football, though: they’re not so different. To begin, you’ve got your NCAA and NFL football fans. Your lesser-know Arena football fans, and even intramural, flag, and touch fans. You’ve got Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and an array of smaller, lesser-known religions....more
@DesiValentine4 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Believe it or not, it's taken me a year to write this. ...more

Vagina vs Toody: When Do I Update My Daughter's Vocabulary?

I know a lot of women who are probably blushing as they read this. That is, if they’ve made it this far. The truth is, I’m okay with the word. Sure, it’s not a staple in my everyday vocabulary, but I don’t mind it being flashed here, there and everywhere. It’s the name of a body part, the same as 'arm' or 'leg.' But then I ask myself: When do I bring 'vagina' into my 4-year-old daughter’s vocabulary? Around here, we call it her 'toody.' I like to think it goes along nicely with 'tushy.'...more
I personally don't think its ever too early to teach your child the correct names to their body ...more

Red Faced and Angry: 7 Things the Casey Anthony Trial and Verdict Should Tell You

1. Evil Exists. It always has; it still does. What actually happened to Caylee Anthony is a mystery, but this is not.  A child barely out of infancy lost her life at negligent or murderous hands. Another human being packaged her up and left her body in woods to decompose, and it did. Ravaged by maggots, flies and woodland animals, Caylee was ultimately treated like garbage. Welcome to evil....more