What is a Republican

I have learned a few things about myself since these debates about women's issues have come to light, one being I had no idea how misogyny was spelled.  Here is the thing, some don't see it, but there is definitely a moral battle going on with the Republican party.  The Republican party crumbled after the stunning defeat and stupidity of choosing Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate....more

Obamacare has me Craving Vicodin!

I have a question? How do you feel about Obamacare and all the Healthcare brouhaha!?! Yeah, what a question!My head pounds,spins and hurts from all of it! I try to do my own research with limited biases. I see you laughing.It all seems like a nice idea.  “One for all and all for one! “...more
 @HomeRearedChef I know how you feel, seriously my head spins from all of it and I get so tired ...more

Liking an Oops!

 @Lucy's Reality OMGosh, Lucy, you are so sweet to give an invite. And believe me, if ...more

On the Gunman at the French Preschool: For Toulouse, With Love

Toutes mes condoléances. Toutes mes condoléances.  Please accept my deepest condolences. A few days ago, a gunman in Toulouse, France opened fire on a Jewish day school. A preschool. An elementary school. A safe place for parents to bring their children to learn, and worship. A place where the most difficult storm to weather should be someone throwing sand on the playground, or saying "I don't want to be your friend anymore."...more
Yes!! So is love :)more

Saturday Funnies XIX

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day I found an Irish Comic.  Oh, my gosh, this guy is funny!  It took me forever to choose a clip.  I had a blast watching him. Dylan Moran is funny.Enjoy! ...more
 @Kraken I am so glad you enjoyed the clip.  I am glad I went looking for funny clips that is ...more


There is a disturbing trend in the current political discourse.  Rather than facts or platforms, name-calling seems to have become the top political sport. ...more
I agree with you, Robin.  If they stir up enough mud, I think they do believe we won't see the ...more

Women,Catholic Hospitals and What I learned from my Sociology Classes!

Have you ever tried to simplify a subject that is complicated? I use to do that a lot in my sociology classes and those professors drove me nuts.  I constantly had to hear for every action and/or decision there is a reaction and consequence.  I am telling you sociologist can be real downers.  My husband couldn’t stand it when I took a sociology class.  I tended to spend the quarter fluctuating between two feelings, crying in despair and wanting to save the world!...more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Wow, that is interesting! Unfortunately, I am not overly thrilled with our ...more

RIP Common Sense: A Mother's Free Piece of Advice to the Campaign of 2012

What happens when common sense isn’t so common? As I mentioned in a blog months ago, Stop It Right Now, Or I’m Pulling Over, I do not like to discuss politics on this site as the subject matter is just so frustrating.  But I realized that today, as I type this, it is nine months before the next presidential election.  Wow.  This is going to be one bad pregnancy....more

A Morning with Rick Santorum in North Texas

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (2/15/2012):So as most people already know, we are well into an election year.  We have been watching for weeks as various Conservatives battle for the position of Republican party candidate.  It seems as if each passing week brings us new levels of crazy among them, and I shudder at the thought of any of them in a position of power or leadership....more

Whitney Houston touched me deeply with a Song!

Don’t we all struggle this one?“Greatest Love Of All”I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be Everybody searching for a hero People need someone to look up to I never found anyone to fulfill my needs A lonely place to be So I learned to depend on me...more