Panic or Laugh

 My Two Urchins!...more

When Bloggers Lie

Journalists, critics and bloggers swallowed hard when a federal jury ruled recently that a blogger had defamed a central Oregon attorney and awarded the attorney $2.5 million. Many folks noted that the award will have a "chilling effect" in journalism circles, and as Oregonian reporter Jeff Manning noted in his story Dec. 7, the case "raises questions about press protections and the nature of the press itself in the Internet age." ...more

Explaining 9-11 to a Seven-Year_old

This was not what I had intended to write about yesterday; I was planning on posting about my blogging award from Another Jennifer (thanks Jennifer!!), and possibly about our wood stove project which is more or less completed (we have a fire going in it as I type – hooray!!)....more

The Movies

Oh, The Movies (imagine me saying that with a fond sigh).  I am a true blue MOVIE LOVER.  I watch them all too.  I go all the way back, from the 1930′s to the present!  I am not a big fan of the Silent Era!  I watch many different genres but Romantic Comedies are by far my favorite.  Musicals come in second and then give me a good dramedy. Oh, and the list of  my favorite movies, well, I could go on and on!...more

18 and legal

Hey, I like some of those online Magazines.  Sometimes I read SodaHead.  Today, I got this email about, should the drinking age be 21?  Now, I know MADD will be super MAD at me but I say NO!!  This has always baffled me.  I understand they try to use statistics about accidents but I believe that if we claim the adult age is 18 then ADULTS should be able to drink?  I mean, ...more

Ann Curry is a Bitch!

Journalism breaks my heart!  This new age of showing their emotions and their biases irritates me.  It is a known fact that people have such things and that it will always play apart of what  Journalist do but they are suppose to strive to  REPORT the news without their biases and emotions interfering as much as possible....more


I just let Jon in. He was locked out.  I lock the door that goes out to the service porch.  No strangers are gettin in to take MY kids!  I am kind of OCD about it.  I obsessively check their windows and the nearest exits.Glad he didn’t pound on the door.  That is so nerve wracking!  He gently knocked in a crescendo ending in a forte of solid knocks.The kids are covered in jelly.  I made peanut butter and jelly muffins.  (A little too much baking soda if you ask me.)  They are begging for more.  Okay....more

Greek Melt-down

From what I can gather from reading about the latest episode of the Greek crisis, George Papandreaou is going to go for a vote of no confidence in his leadership and if he wins it he's going to resign and then there's going to be a government of national unity.  And if he loses the vote of no confidence?  No, I don't know either.Maybe I'm being simplistic (there's no maybe about it, in all honesty) but the way I see it is:...more

The Platform Is Bigger Than The Man

Complaints about our president and his politics seem to have obscured the fact that along with electing Obama, we also bought into his platform, consciously or not. While the man, himself, may fade in his celebrity, perhaps, what may remain could be the platform he brought us; a president’s legacy already in the making. For a change, a message that is potentially bigger than the man! Memorable in the same way as John F. ...more

Open letter to occupiers:Hypocrisy in Zucotti Park

Dear Occupiers:...more