Women,Catholic Hospitals and What I learned from my Sociology Classes!

Have you ever tried to simplify a subject that is complicated? I use to do that a lot in my sociology classes and those professors drove me nuts.  I constantly had to hear for every action and/or decision there is a reaction and consequence.  I am telling you sociologist can be real downers.  My husband couldn’t stand it when I took a sociology class.  I tended to spend the quarter fluctuating between two feelings, crying in despair and wanting to save the world!...more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Wow, that is interesting! Unfortunately, I am not overly thrilled with our ...more

RIP Common Sense: A Mother's Free Piece of Advice to the Campaign of 2012

What happens when common sense isn’t so common? As I mentioned in a blog months ago, Stop It Right Now, Or I’m Pulling Over, I do not like to discuss politics on this site as the subject matter is just so frustrating.  But I realized that today, as I type this, it is nine months before the next presidential election.  Wow.  This is going to be one bad pregnancy....more

A Morning with Rick Santorum in North Texas

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (2/15/2012):So as most people already know, we are well into an election year.  We have been watching for weeks as various Conservatives battle for the position of Republican party candidate.  It seems as if each passing week brings us new levels of crazy among them, and I shudder at the thought of any of them in a position of power or leadership....more

Whitney Houston touched me deeply with a Song!

Don’t we all struggle this one?“Greatest Love Of All”I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be Everybody searching for a hero People need someone to look up to I never found anyone to fulfill my needs A lonely place to be So I learned to depend on me...more

Gabby Giffords: Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing isn't easy. Deciding what the right thing might be is even harder. Add brain trauma to the mix and set it all before a backdrop of the media and Congress, and my head hurts just from lining up all the pieces. Monday morning, I had a chance to see it in action, when Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords invited me to finish what we started in Tucson a year ago. It wasn't easy to watch, but I am a better woman for it. She was reconvening Congress on Your Corner just for us. ...more
Gabby really made it on her way to tell everybody about who she is by doing what is right. She ...more

Learning to Take Ownership for the good and bad!

We have lost our minds!  Seriously, lost our minds!Have you heard about the Florida Man Guilty of DUI Manslaughter suing the Family HE KILLED? Yeah, you READ THAT CORRECTLY!My daughter sent me the blog article yesterday.  Her exact word! “SAD”.I am asking you, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?...more

I Love Paula Deen and People are Beyond Cruel!

Oh, my gosh have you ever made a Paula Deen recipe?YUMMY! Should you eat Paula’s food everyday?  Um NO!  Paula Deen creates those good Southern Comfort foods.  An educated adult should know how to fit Paula Deen’s food into their diet, right?  Well, one would hope!  Just, like an educated adult should know how to limit FAST FOOD in their diet, right? Once again, one would hope!  I love McDonald French Fries!  LOVE THEM!...more

A New Home For Our Homeless Neighbors

Last week I blogged about a recent string of murders in my community. The victims were all homeless men....more

Panic or Laugh

 My Two Urchins!...more

When Bloggers Lie

Journalists, critics and bloggers swallowed hard when a federal jury ruled recently that a blogger had defamed a central Oregon attorney and awarded the attorney $2.5 million. Many folks noted that the award will have a "chilling effect" in journalism circles, and as Oregonian reporter Jeff Manning noted in his story Dec. 7, the case "raises questions about press protections and the nature of the press itself in the Internet age." ...more