currently: the just last week one

Sometimes when I'm thinking about stuff that happened last week I think back to how much fun our New Year's Eve party was. ...and then I remember that New Year's Eve was thirty one weeks ago instead of last week, and then my mind is blown.  So hey, August! Nice of you to come storming in. To come in like a wrecking ball! There, that's the analogy I want....more

currently: the year is going by too quickly edition

You know how when you're reading blogs and everyone is like Oh em gee. Time goes so fast?! How is it already May?! I just drank some sparking cider this past New Year's Eve like last week! Giggle giggle laugh laugh and all that. Well I'm here saying the exact same things today. Because seriously, it's May? May 2016? Are you sure?...more
I miss reading mysteries. I miss reading in general (just moved, still no library card, all of ...more

currently: a r-ode-o

The Rodeo officially started yesterday. This means that there are a lot of people stomping around Houston wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats. There are also a lot of people stomping around Houston wearing...other odd things. Such as a full on Indian headdress and fox jacket thing, Pocahontas style. Or shorts that don't even cover butt cheeks. Which apparently works when you pair said non-butt cheek coverage shorts with cowboy boots? I digress....more

currently: the organized, but not really edition

Insert paragraph ::here:: about being in shock that it's a new year. Happy First Hump Day of 2016!My computer autocorrected ^^First to Friday so can I get an amen for where's the weekend?! ...more

currently: the christmas not overload edition

Welcome to the last month of the year. WhatThe...I'll give you a second to silently curse to yourself in amazement at how fast this year has gone, and then we'll get started with the last 2015 Currently linkup. ...more

'Til the Love Runs Out

So, I love One Republic, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I am totally, completely, 100% over "Counting Stars". I think the radio station that I listen to the most plays it at least 3 times an hour. Give it a rest, guys. However, I still really love the rest of their latest album, Native, especially these songs:...more