Fish and Shrimp Green Curry

 Hard to beat a nice fish curry on a cool and rainy day.  I was delighted to find some cheap cod at the local store and some leeks still growing in the garden.  In the Northwest, it is common for some vegetables to survive the winters, but these guys were doing great.  Thai-style curries, such as this one, are much easier to make than many people think, ...more

Chickpea Curry

I found this recipe few years ago on a website that does not exist any more. I’ve been making it ever since and it turns good every time. Sometimes I use ground spices, like cloves and cardamom, instead of seeds. You can add more chilli powder if you like it really spicy. This healthy, low fat, low-carb, vegan one pot curry can be a base for other types of curry as well. You can add some sweet potato, pumpkin, butternut squash or coconut milk. Vegetarians can add some yogurt while meat eaters can even add some chicken to it....more

One-Pot Coconut-Chicken Curry

This is the recipe I used when I made curry for the first time: ...more

How to Build a Starter Spice Kit: For Every Kind of Cook

I have many food obsessions. Spice has to be one of them. A serious one of them. I think I can safely say I am a collector of spices. At present, I have more than 70 in my possession. A whole kitchen cupboard has been given over to this particular food obsession. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours that will add to my dishes, give them that special something that only spice can bring. When I travel, I eat as much local cuisine as I can; the more exotic, the better....more
Hope you are finding my spice capsule collection helpful, I'd love to hear if anyone has ...more

Egg masala curry

Wonderful  recipe with eggs .  Eggs in this dish taste superb with the sweet and tangy flavours of onion and tomato gravy. INGREDIENTS ...more

Paneer Pasanda

The word "Pasanda" means every one's favorite and as the name suggests this paneer delicacy is adored by everyone who tastes it. The different pastes used to make the gravy add their own distinct flavors which combine to create a dish like non other. As usual I have made certain changes in the recipe, the original recipe suggest to make round shaped tikkis using grated paneer, flour and bread crumbs but I skipped that step and used plain paneer cubes instead of tikkis....more

Easy Peasy Stir-fried Curry & Seafood Noodles

I have not cooked a Maggie mee recipe for more than two years now. It can’t possibly be that I am becoming healthier; it must be that I have forgotten about these recipes and left them in a corner of my bookshelf....more