Shop the Trend: Coated Denim

I am currently liking the coated denim trend. I like the look because it is a bit rocker and can be very chic. If done right, the denim can almost take on a leather look. At half the cost of a nice pair of leather pants, that in itself makes me extremely happy. ...more
@nancyblizzard StephanieOdsgn BlogHer I got a pair myself. They are so fun and definitely add a ...more


WHAT DOES CURVY MEAN? Is ‘CURVY’ still a description of a women’s hourglass shape or a friendly euphemisism for FAT? Remember Christina Hendricks from MAD MEN getting upset at being referred to by an Aussie journalists as full figured?A lot of women are getting upset of the usage of the word CURVY’ almost accusing larger women of STEALING it thus making them no longer being able to be use the word to identify themselves....more


My fav study of 2012 found that guys are more sexually attracted to curvy women when they are stressed out. Show me a working man who isn't stressed and I'll show you a wheelbarrow full of calorie free chocolate bars.Big booties attract the blokes, according the the UK study by Brit Psychologists. Historically in periods of economic depression bigger girls “communicate strength, control and independence.” Enter Mae Wes and her buxom blondes in the 1930s....more

Mindy Kaling and the Right Fit: Size Matters

I placed Mindy Kaling's Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) on my summer reading list, and I'm happy to report that I can now cross it off. It was a pretty entertaining read, giving insights into the life of the comedy writer and actress who can count herself and her characters among the slowly growing list of quirky ladies getting spotlight time on TV and contributing significantly behind the camera....more

Curvy Lady Jean Tips

Like every other woman in America, I have problems finding jeans that fit well and look good. Over the years I have collected some tips for finding jeans that fit and flatter. Today, I will share them with y'all. I'm focusing specifically today on jeans that flatter the curvy lay-days. ;)...more
I am sort of pear-shaped, so my bottom is larger than my top. Personally, my best fitting jeans ...more

For the love of an extra 10 pounds....

I've gained 10 lbs since I've had two knee surgeries in 6 months. It's not because I'm sitting around eating bon-bons. I suppose I have to blame it on inactivity which is driving me absolutely nuts. I think I'm venting here. ...more