Mommy, What Does the F-Word Mean?

I’m playing Polly Pockets with my five-year-old because I’m such an attentive and devoted mother. Just kidding. I’m playing on my phone while occasionally cramming a tiny doll into an even tinier rubber dress, an act which I’m certain is a reenactment of the goings on in the ninth circle of hell. As Mari plucks off a doll’s head to replace it with a new one (See? Hell. Evil.), she says, “Mommy, why is the F-word a bad word?” ***screeching brakes sound*** “Ruh???” Like Scooby Doo. Or this monkey: ...more
How cute is that!!more

Swearing in Blog Posts Doesn’t Make you Look like a Rebel — It Makes You Look Trashy

Bloggers, if you use swear words in public posts — especially the f-word, c-word, or g-d-word  —  or even “freakin'” — when we all know what you’re thinking — I beg you to reconsider....more
I assumed this would be a sort of controversial issue, and understand there's another side.  If ...more


2014 Intro into all things Mimi.Some things you should know about me. (This is mainly for the newbies.)...more

Dropping F-Bombs on My Blog... Just to Fit My Blog Name

I've been having a bit of "blog name remorse" as of late. When I first thought of my blog name -- The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears -- I was all, "Look how clever and original I am!" and now I'm more like, "Blech." ...more
I hated my blog name for quite some time. Now I wouldn't say I like it, but it doesn't bother me ...more

Asphalt, Butter, Helicopter - or Cussing for a 4-year Old

So funny!  It is great that they are creative with their words.  I bet the "World According to ...more

Dropping the F-Bomb

I do it. You do it. We all do it. My friend Kelly over at Southern Fried Children prides herself on doing it (although I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say it out loud in person)....more

Kids and Cussing 101

I'm a cusser. Not the best thing for a mom to be, but hey, we all have our vices. I worked as pretty much the only female in a male dominated shop, company, and industry for 3 years; I've heard it all, participated in just about every dirty, nasty conversation there is, and, quite honestly, had to hold my own as the only female. So, I learned how to have a quick tongue (figuratively speaking), blast back insults at the men, and developed a thick skin when it came to raunchy conversation....more