Tales From the Job: "Dude, No One Stole Your 1994 Honda Accord."

One of the best jobs I’ve ever had was as a parking lot attendant at my university. I sat in a booth for no more than six hours at a time, took money from people, and did my homework/read a book. It was awesome, especially since I had the night shift, so there wasn’t really anyone parking after 8 p.m, which meant almost two solid hours of reading Jane Austen....more

I'm seeking a career opportunity where I can utilize my skills and experiences.

My name is Jackie and I need some assistance on finding work in the San Francisco Bay Area. have eight years of tradeshow convention events experience through various employment agencies. I am looking to work consistently and grow into this industry. I attach my resume that lists my skills and experience. I work through various employment agencies for the Oracle Open World, VM World, Dreamforce, Semicon, Real Estate Expo, as well as the San Francisco America’s Cup, and etc....more

This Monday

I have a rough job at times,as anyone who deals in customer service knows,and/or anyone dealing with billing people for government services can tell you, folks get awfully frustrated....more

Must-have Customer Service Skills

"I Don't Care About You": Thoughts on Accessibility and Disability Sensitivity

When I see buildings with a low degree of accessibility, outdoor wheelchair ramps covered with accumulated ice and snow, buildings with power doors or elevators that aren't functioning, stores that use aisles as display space for merchandise which makes the store difficult to navigate, I wonder if the people in charge of the building really realize what kind of message I, as a disabled person, come away with. ...more
benzeknees You're dealing with some difficult issues here. Sizism and ableism often walk hand in ...more

How to Show Your Customers Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air this month!  Along with your weekend getaway to Vegas with a new love interest, or a romantic stroll by the beach with a spouse of 20 years, send a little Valentine lovin’ to your customers this year. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all the love we feel in the world, and not just on a romantic level, but professionally too.  For entrepreneurs especially, this month is our time to give a little something back to the business we run each and every day....more

I get so mad!!!

I have been a customer of Comcast since I was 16 years old. I'm now 48, that's 32 years of loyalty to one service provider. I am so fed up with the problems with Comcast. It's infuriates me when I call about an issue and their immediate response is that it has to do with a "past due" balance. So I start off with the fact that I do not now nor have I ever paid for the month in advance. Period....more

Giving thanks where it's due

 On a recent flight from Denver to DC, a passenger brought in a bunch of...more

An Open Letter to Lucille's BBQ and Other Chain Restaurants

Dear Lucille's,...more

5 Lessons On Customer Service

The other day we took our car to the dealership to be serviced. That alone should make you cringe right?From the moment we got there we were greeted by a nice young man who couldn’t be more helpful.When we told him the issues with the car he wrote them all down so they could be addressed.  He then apologized for the fact that we’d have to wait X amount of time....more