4 Pieces of Information That Can Help Personalize Your Customer Relations

Personalization has become an important part of providing good customer service. Business is no longer conducted in a tiny store, where shopkeepers know everyone by name. Instead companies sell items online, often creating loyal customer bases of people they’ve never even met....more

Small Businesses: Make Every Customer A VIP!

Our pets make learning about life so much easier. Everything in their world is simple! It’s we humans that complicate things....more

5 Ways That Prove Women Are Better At Customer Service Than Men!

I know this may cost me my “man card” but there is no way a man can compete with a woman when it comes to providing great customer service, period!...more

3 Tips For Small Business Customer Service Using Twitter

A small business often has a lot to do and not a lot of staff to do it. Is your personal cell phone number also the contact number for your business?...more

Bring Back Customer Service

I learned customer service when I was 13 years old, working at our family’s donut shop. Marlene from the morning shift was a trustable source; a version of her existed in New York City coffee shops in the 1980s. She taught me these important rules: ...more

Tales From the Job: "Dude, No One Stole Your 1994 Honda Accord."

One of the best jobs I’ve ever had was as a parking lot attendant at my university. I sat in a booth for no more than six hours at a time, took money from people, and did my homework/read a book. It was awesome, especially since I had the night shift, so there wasn’t really anyone parking after 8 p.m, which meant almost two solid hours of reading Jane Austen....more

I'm seeking a career opportunity where I can utilize my skills and experiences.

My name is Jackie and I need some assistance on finding work in the San Francisco Bay Area. have eight years of tradeshow convention events experience through various employment agencies. I am looking to work consistently and grow into this industry. I attach my resume that lists my skills and experience. I work through various employment agencies for the Oracle Open World, VM World, Dreamforce, Semicon, Real Estate Expo, as well as the San Francisco America’s Cup, and etc....more

This Monday

I have a rough job at times,as anyone who deals in customer service knows,and/or anyone dealing with billing people for government services can tell you, folks get awfully frustrated....more

Must-have Customer Service Skills