Online Customer Service Matters

Are you acting as your own worst enemy and chasing away customers without even realizing it? Arecent studyfound that of those surveyed, 82% had stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer experience. Maybe you had no idea that your stagnant Facebook page sitting there collecting dust could be upsetting your fans! ...more

The Little Things DO Matter – What REALLY Sets You Apart

This week I experienced a personal heartbreak.  It was during that time that I was once again reminded what truly sets someone (and their business) apart.  It has nothing to do with flashy stuff, extra letters after your name, or a snappy elevator pitch.  It is all about having heart, caring about the little things, and showing up to serve as a real, authentic, and caring human being. ...more
I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. I've been there a few times myself and it is ...more

Customer Service? What's that?!?!?!

I opened my utility bill from the City of Naperville (which covers water, electric and sewer) and my eyes bulged out of my head.  My bill (beautifully presented in a spanking new format - including a how-to-read-this-new-bill insert) was higher than I had ever seen in the almost 9 years I had lived in this house!  Surely something had to be completely haywire!  I knew that Naperville was in the process of installing SmartGrid technology on every one's homes, but the box outside my kitchen window looked the same as it always had....more

The Pig and the Chicken

Who Makes the First Impression for Your Business?

First impressions for your business are made by people that open doors, make cold calls, attend networking meetings and answer your phone.  They are delivered by your marketing communications like social media and websites.  How confident are you that your potential clients are greeted warmly and with a direct invitation to do business?...more

An Open Letter to the CEO of Toys ‘R Us Canada

 Dear Sir,...more

Customer Service with a Tear

Customer Service with a Tear   ...more

Want a tip? Customer service (or lack thereof) in Ireland

Customer service is important to me, and I fear it's likely to be a source of constant frustration for me in Ireland. My Irish friends who have visited America rave about the outstanding customer service. My American friends in Ireland constantly (and usually humorously) complain about the terrible customer service rampant in Ireland. I've listened to many horror stories and they have always confused me. The Irish are known for their hospitality, their warmth and openness....more

The Best and the Worst of Customer Service

Sometimes I think Poppet has grabbed hold of the “no” wagon simply by listening to the reactions I get from customer service centres these days!...more

What is a good shopping experience?

How long has it been since you have had a great shopping experience? I mean a truly great  experience. One that left you saying "Hey that was awesome! I think I'll come back here for sure!" Think about it....more