What is a good shopping experience?

How long has it been since you have had a great shopping experience? I mean a truly great  experience. One that left you saying "Hey that was awesome! I think I'll come back here for sure!" Think about it....more

I Can Get My Insults For Free, Thank You

Recently, my hubby and I decided to have an afternoon date and picked a nostalgic, fifties still diner to visit. At first, it seemed very charming. The waitress was a little rude and brusque, but we found it entertaining and adding a certain charm to the place. The place had less than 5 tables filled. Even with its small size, this still left quite a few tables open. The staff was plentiful enough that they seemed to almost trip over themselves. ...more

Where Do I Go Now That They’re All Dead?

What does the future look like for retail stores? Are the predictions right? It was tough when Borders closed it's doors. Aside from the fact that I really liked the book store, it also sent a loud message to the public about the future of retail in general. A large chain out of business just like that. Ok so maybe not, but it seemed that way to a lot of people. ...more

How to Make Customers Happy? The Message to Employer

This question my previous employer asked  again and again upon each and every meeting, digging  customer satisfaction reports, reviewing all customer’s complaints, creating  comment cards for our customers  to share their  experience as well as attempting to realize why there isn’t  any  improvement. I know one very good formula and answer for this-happy employee, happy customers. Is this sounds familiar?...more

Tweeting Your Way To Better Customer Service

Twitter has many uses for your business, in this article By Bob Speyer and Alison Brown from Web Success Team explain how to use twitter for customer service.Due to the “instant” attribute of Twitter updates, many businesses are using this platform to improve customer service and manage their online reputation since inquiries can be responded to immediately. By opening communication channels, Twitter can assist small businesses in maintaining positive relationships with clients while also promoting your brand....more

The Mean Old Lady continued...

Well it looks like Mrs. California the crazy bitch is not going to go away easily. She called on one of my days off. My bosses weren't there that day, so my friend Linda apparently got the brunt of her pleasantness. She then went and told Barb, who I also work with. Let me make clear that neither of them knew what was going on before the phone call... GAH. ...more

Internet Disconnection

Amber Waves, by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson...more

Mean Old Ladies...

I have posted about really bad customers before. The woman today topped anything I have ever dealt with before. We will call her B. That is short for Bitch in case there was any question. I was helping another customer when B walked in, the bad attitude radiating off of her body in high doses. She obviously wanted my immediate attention, which she didn't get as I was obviously already with someone. Strike against Donna. She butted into our conversation, which was fine. Being included in EVERYTHING is important to some people. ...more

Dear Grumpy Old Men...

Please don't come into our store expecting us to bow or grovel at your feet (unless you are Sir Bob, he is the only exception) even though I am sure in your little world you are someone as you say that you are, I don't know you from Adam, in the 7 years I have worked there I have never seen you before which means you shop there pretty much never and I am NOT allowed to give you a discount. My bosses totally agree with me on this one, I asked. ...more

Recognition of Service

By Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com It's so rare these days, so precious that it absolutely must be celebrated if and when spotted or executed. (In my humble opinion). Especially because it is so darn important, impacts each and every one of us --- young, old, parent, non-parent, child to grandparent. Funnily enough we learn it from the time we are toddlers and call it different names but it all amounts to the same thing --- doesn't it? ...more