iPad Destruction and Salvation

Can you tell what this picture is? It is a *sob* broken iPad screen. Completely shattered. Ruined. With tiny flecks of glass scattered across it, as if to expressly dash any hopes of Leo using the device despite the damage....more

Most welcome. I have been very pleased to hear how many people they do this for. And I would ...more

"Your call is very important to us" is the new "Do you want fries with that?"...

There is currently a phenomenon taking place across America and your roving reporter is here to bring it to you!  Don't be fooled by media propaganda!  The recession is apparently all in our imaginations, because although "my call is very important" to them, they are "currently experiencing high call volumes & longer wait times".   Who is 'them' you ask?  Well, apparently it is EVERYONE!  EVERY flingin' flangin' company from here to the Appalachians is experiencing 'high flippin' call volume'!  Phone company, cable company, refrigerator repairman, and even freakin' QVC!!...more
Now you phone will listen to their merry music on your behalf! The application waits for the ...more

Service with a Smile

by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com How I wonder, I wonder, I wonder???  Isn't there a song with that line in it? ...more

Spring Fling: Getting the Proper Fitting Bike Helmet {with Video}

Bike Riding Season I realize that for many parts of the country, spring is in full bloom, but here in the Northern regions, we are looking at a forecast full o...more

New Relationship Plans From Sprint

“Well, I mean, how is he your boyfriend if you live in Seattle and he lives in California, anyway?”  I thought about whether or not to bother explaining this to him. He had not even been able to answer my simple question about canceling my Sprint contract, I was thinking the nuances of love might be a tad complicated for him.  “Are you getting married?...more

Corporate vs. Individual Twitter Accounts. Which Is Right For You?

By Justin Delos Reyes – Web Success Team...more

Rants about snow and customer service

Rant alert! It's that time of year in the UK again. Yep, the time of the year where a state of near 'National Emergency' is declared, with roads becoming grid-locked, trains grinding to a halt, schools closing and supermarket shelves being emptied as people panic buy food. 'Christ! What's happened?' I hear you cry. You may well ask. A light dusting of snow happened, that's what. And yet it's like bloody Sodom and Gomorrah, except with snow instead of fire and brimstone. ...more

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Why is technology so complicated?

Okay. I'm trying to be technologically hip and I am failing. I've had my new vehicle for one year and I am now trying to connect my cell phone with the bluetooth features on the car. First I just tried to connect them and that seemed to work until the very last PASSKEY. I talked to my cell phone provider and they gave me the PASSKEY and still no luck. Then I wen to the car dealer and they said I have to check a website to see if my phone is compatible with the car. After two half days of looking I discovered they were compatible....more

Okay so I made an appt at the car dealer after I found out my cell phone was compatible with the ...more

Random Police and Shrek Rants

Police. Sometimes I question their powers of deduction. I was reading an article in the Oxford News today, and it was about the discovery of a decapitated man in the grounds of a golf course. When the Investigating Officer was interviewed, he confirmed that the victim was dead, and said that they were treating the death as suspicious. ...more

Customer Service: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

We’ve all heard the sayings, “A happy customer is a returning customer,” or “Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.” Both of these philosophies or beliefs need to be taken to heart for those who are in business or looking to start their own business.The success of any business depends on both of these ideologies.  You need to make your customers happy! As important as this is for established businesses, for a new entrepreneur it is all that much more critical--and the following suggestions can help you ensure customer satisfaction and return clientele....more