Yep, My Baby's The Cutest. With Photographic Evidence...

Yes, it’s true. My child is the cutest in all the land.Seriously.I can’t stop taking pictures of him…but really, can you blame me? That little smile is just too darn cute to NOT capture it forever!...more

Wine and Onesies

My friend makes these really cute baby onesies with slogans like "rock n stroll" and "strollin with my homies."  So she had a little get together last night to have some wine, appetizers, and sell some of her onesies.  Of course, Matt wanted me to special request an Alice In Chains album cover design for Niall.  It's always good to have your 8 month old idolize a heroin addict.  This is the design we're going to ask for: ...more

Cute as a... um... monkey?

At a party the other night a friend was telling me about the ugliest baby he'd ever seen. So ugly was this baby that a mere description was not enough, he grabbed his phone and logged on to Facebook to share the horror. A few pictures later and we agreed that yes, this baby was not going to be in an Anne Geddes calendar any time soon... not that the parents know that....more

BlogHer '09 Badges and Bling

Thanks to all your input and amazing ideas we have really great blog bling in preparation for BlogHer '09...all of you are so clever!. Now, with LobbyCon Bling!!!: <a href=""><img src="" alt="I'll Be at LobbyCon!" /></a> Here are the newbies: ...more

Are you thinking about making an "My Friends are All Going to BlogHer, and All I Got is ...more