Goodbye Cigarettes: Should CVS Dump Junk Food and Alcohol Too?

When CVS announced its plan to stop selling all tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October 1, 2014 and walk away from 2 billion in tobacco related business, the media immediately began to speculate whether other major drug store chains would follow suit. The more interesting question to me is whether tobacco is the only product line that will be removed from "drug store" shelves. ...more
Elaine Griffin  I think you are right, they will probably divide the space so clinic separate in ...more

CVS to Stop Selling Cigarettes This Year

CVS announced this morning that it will stop selling cigarettes in its 7,600 pharmacies across America by October 1, 2014, stating that the selling of cigarettes is "inconsistent with our purpose" as a health care product store. ...more
Call me a cynic, but they have to deal with more regulations, red tape, and taxes selling ...more

How Are Condoms in "Family Planning"?!?

I don't test well.  Both in school as well as reading tests.  My wife bought 50 "pee in a cup, dip this little stick in it and sit for 10 minute" tests and "if you see a certain stream of lines resmebling hyrogliphics" you are ovulating.  It stresses me out.  So I asked her to get me one with smiley faces.  Here's her account....more

Amnio & CVS, Why You Might Consider These

Many couples wrestle with the overwhelming amount of decisions in pregnancy. Should they have genetic testing and if so, what kinds. Should they have ultrasounds, Amnio or CVS, new NIPT....more

Teacher saving money

A Promising New Way To Screen For Down’s Syndrome

Hey Moms, do you remember the heart-wrenching decisions you had to make about prenatal diagnostic testing when you were pregnant? Should you do the triple-screen AFP test at 15 weeks? Or should you do the nuchal translucency ultrasound plus blood tests for hormone markers at 11-13 weeks. Or should you suck it up and go for the gold standard -- chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis? Hold onto your maternity pants, because a new test is in the works, and things are about to change. ...more

I gotta say, reading the headline on this makes me want to hurl. Surprise, surprise ... I have a ...more

Small Business Tip: Fighting the Flu with Free Shots & Wellness Help

Small business and mid-sized companies are increasingly developing initiatives to help employees develop a healthier lifestyle....more

we also have natures's medicine cabinet  dont have to worry about going to the doc.there ...more

Benjamin and Sotomayor Set to Change the Landscape

by Chris Lombardi ...more

In the event of losing my makeup...

Several years ago my mother, brother and I took a trip to Mallorca off the coast of Spain. On their way from JFK to Madrid my mother and brother's luggage mysteriously disappeared. My brother's bag showed up at the resort a few days later and my mother's was gone forever and ever. Amen. A long with my favorite pair of sandals and her makeup. ...more

I had a similar fear until it actually happened - and I found out I can get away with a lot ...more

Win a $25 CVS gift card

I am having a giveaway for a $25 CVS gift card. For you chance to enter go to   ...more