I can't keep this goodie from you any longer!

I have black eyes ALL of the time! It doesn't make a difference whether if I sleep or not, drink or not, do or do not have allergies... Those black circles are always there! ...more

Aspects of a Weekend

Sunday night's dinner was loaf-based: Homemade bread from the bread machine, and the Twenty-Dollar Meatloaf. It's actually my sister Amy's recipe, but at our house it is the Twenty-Dollar Meatloaf, because I once called Amy to get the recipe, and instead of dialing her Skype-In number (a free call), I accidentally dialed her landline in Australia, using my cell phone. Our two-minute conversation cost twenty dollars. ...more

I Totally Get It, Michael Corleone

CVS, man. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I hadn't set foot in a CVS in three weeks. Then tonight I noticed that this week--the week ending 9/06--was the week to spend $15 on Neutrogena skincare and get $5 "extra care bucks" back. ...more

Dior at CVS? Say What?

Imagine a world where you don’t have to schlep out to your local Sephora or Ulta store when you are running low on precious beauty supplies. Imagine a world where you would go to CVS in order to grab a new Dior Show Mascara or pick up your favorite Benefit eyeliner. Imagine refilling a prescription, buying dish soap and high end cosmetics all in one place. I’m quite excited for this new world. This world is fast approaches ladies. ...more

That is exciting news!  Personally I try to avoid malls at all costs as I don't care for the ...more

Mrs. Micah and the Bad Generics (with a few good ones thrown in)

I swear by generics. They make so much sense to me. But sometimes buying the name brand is probably the best call. Here’s a few places where I’ve found this over the last 2 months: 1. Giant* generic nasal strips. Mr. Micah uses these because otherwise he’ll periodically snore. We tried out the Giant ones first, but they didn’t work well. So we switched to Breathe-Right (Rite?). Turns out they have more adhesive which helps them stay on better and open the nose more. ...more