Trolls: How to deal

Cartoonist Ben Garrison posted something “about the Fed” online, says an article at, and this created a firestorm, leading to his billing as the “most trolled cartoonist in the world.” You see, his other cartoons were altered in an offensive way, fooling people into thinking these alterations were his original creations....more

How to Identify Bullying and Cyber Bullying

As a mother of two school aged daughters, the concept of bullying comes up in my mind a lot. Recently, I have been hearing about different kinds of bullying, specifically prior to the Super Bowl, living in Seattle, I heard on more than one occasion that a child wearing Broncos gear in a Washington school didn’t get treated as nicely as those with Seahawks gear. This may not be serious bullying, but sitting at another table for lunch and getting left out on the playground still hurts....more
Thank you for the information about "Cyber Angels". . .more

Enough is enough

March comes in like a lion... I told myself I wasn't going to even give this the time of day.  Or mention this on here.  But here I am.  Giving it the time of day.  This is gonna be a long post, so feel free to leave now if you're not in the mood for rant. ...more

But Would You Say It To My Face

My pastor has been doing a series on some of the hot issues of our nation for the last few weeks, and this past Sunday he talked about bullying.  In the context of the message, he talked about cyber bullying and how people use Facebook and Twitter, among other sites, to post pics and comments that are hurtful and damaging.  He made the great point that most of these people are saying things online that they would never say to a person's face....more

My Daughter was Cyber Bullied by her Coach

I know ya’ll are very familiar with cyber bullying. It’s typically kids taking out their meanness via social media outlets on other kids. It’s harsh, cruel and its effects can be hard to overcome. But what about when it’s an adult that’s bullying a kid or teen publically over Facebook or Twitter? What if it’s a coach or a teacher or a friend’s mom? ...more

Not Just For Kids Anymore

Cyber-bullying.  We've all seen the news reports of the tragic outcomes of cyber-bullying.  The suicides, the depression, the cutting.  It hurts me to my very core to see what one person will do to another, particularly children.But it's not just for kids anymore.  There are adults on social media who take great pleasure in bullying and hurting others.  I belong to a number of social media networks and I have seen some of the most horrific behavior. ...more

Targets of Hate: Why We Can't Just Let Bullying Go

Back in March, my son -- a sweet, soft-hearted, slightly nerdy, computer whiz who always looks out for the underdog -- became a target of bullies. For reasons unknown to our family, three teenagers that were once his friends concocted a story so bizarre that when their parent called us, we were confused. Surely they are talking about someone else? They accused my son of plotting to kill their mother on a Friday, involved the police, social workers, and their parents, then went to school on a Monday and laughed in his face....more
I'm so sorry about what you've had to endure.  I've been through my fair share of powerlessness ...more

Research Says Texting, Posting and Tweeting May Make Kids Nicer

Our kids spend more time online texting, posting and tweeting than we will ever know. And I admit this worries me, but I may be over-reacting. Recent studies suggest time interacting online may help kids be more empathetic in real life and even strengthen bonds between friends. And studies suggest that shy kids may learn to be more outgoing and less anxious by spending time connecting with friends online....more
Additional issues: Academic Integrity (tests being photographed and distributed) and the average ...more

The Lengths People Go

When I launched the Take the Pledge Campaign, I really did not know that much about cyber bullying. All I knew was that I saw a great deal of negativity on social media sites and blogs. And I hated it.In the past few months, as I have learned more, I have been amazed by the lengths people will go to try to hurt others. The amount of time and energy some women expend to attack and harass another mom is something I cannot wrap my head around....more