Marketers (and Criminals) Buzz About Mobile Tuesday

Fresh off the most successful Cyber Monday, which turned into a Cyber Week or even a Cyber Month, spanning from mid-November into December, marketers and advertisers are now positioning themselves for a 2012 Mobile Tuesday....more

Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the Economy: Are We Spending More or Just Earlier?

The numbers are in and retailers are feeling good this week after Cyber Monday's record-breaking spending in the U.S. From CNN: "There's a pent-up demand from consumers," Molyneux told a roomful of reporters in San Francisco on Tuesday. "There's a demand, and consumers need to feel that they can spend again." ...more
@Elaine W. The collective rut -- like that way of putting it.more

Food Day rivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Food benefits (aka food stamps) arriving on electronic debit cards at the beginning of the month creates a mob of shoppers.  It is a new twist on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Perhaps it could be called Food Day for the 46 million people who benefit from national food support. So many people shop immediately when they get their monthly benefits it rivals more famous shopping days....more

Five Girly Things I Really Wanted, but Didn't Buy on Cyber Monday

I used to shun feminine clothing, beauty cosmetics, and hairstyle trends, but something happened to my brain from the time I grabbed my college degree to when I stepped into the workforce. However, paying my way through life helps restrain my urge to splurge. Instead, I stayed within my holiday spending budget and bought gifts for others as originally planned.Here are several items I stopped myself from purchasing:...more

Cyber Monday and Terrariums are BACK!

I went cyber shopping yesterday. It's the modern tradition, right? :)  I bought these beautiful textures from the wonderful photography site of Cheryl Tarrant. I'm looking forward to using them. They were on sale for half price....she has several sets of textures and brushes, and I'm not sure I'm done yet....:)...more

6 Tips for Cyber Monday

Bad guys know perfectly well that when the online bargains begin after Thanksgiving, specifically, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, you will be providing your credit card number to retailers all over the world.1. Go big. Do your online business with major retailers, or those you already know, like, and trust. The chances of a major online retailer stiffing you, or of their database being compromised, are slimmer than those of an unknown....more

Cyber Monday and the Monday evening shopper......:)

Cyber Monday is that's my kind of shopping experience. Discounts, no crowds, no traffic and plenty of selection. Everybody from the big box stores to the small businesses are on equal footing in this situation. I hope you had a good day shopping. I plan to do a little this evening actually since it would be a bit innappropriate for me during the day due to my job which I am extremely grateful to have and would not want to jeopardize. Have a great one, everyone! ~JB"Farm Is Where the Heart Is"...more

Cyber Monday Links to day's column "Hott Flashes" on Moms of Faith!  Thanks for reading!...more

You Might, You Might Not: Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

Are you more excited about relaxing with your friends and family over turkey and football or elbowing your competition (literally or virtually) out of the way for the last Twilight boxed set? If you're surfing the web for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, here's a round-up. Leave your additions in the comments. ...more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Get Social and Sell!

With the holidays soon approaching, everyone is gearing up for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, offers lucrative savings to entice people to hit the stores and buy gifts for Christmas or other holidays. Cyber Monday has also become increasingly popular since people can find what they need all with the clicks of a few buttons....more