Cyberbullying - Are Bloggers Guilty of This?

I remember a friend of mine talking about how “convenient” it is that I had a blog. “You can blog about everything that pisses you off,” she said. She’s partly correct; bloggers can rant using their personal blogs. But the line that separates bad reviews and cyberbullying can be a very thin one....more

How to Fight Cyberbullying

From “The Karate Kid” to “How to Train Your Dragon” to “Little House on the Prairie,” bullying is a common theme that reflects the real issues children and young adults face when peers begin a campaign of hate. And because learning how to subdue a rare dragon or perform a threatening karate kick isn’t effective (or even realistic) in social settings, parents have struggled to find the best way to explain bullying and give their children the tools necessary to combat — or simply survive — the unwanted attention....more
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Invited YA Author Shut Out from Anti-Bullying Event

If your 12- or 13-year-old child or grandchild were being bullied, would you want her to hear a YA author–one who had herself been bullied–speak about hope and survival? Even if she wrote a novel about bullying that had the word “ass” in the title?...more

The Business of Bullying

This morning I was insulted/bullied on Facebook. It was by a man whom I have never met and who doesn’t know me, and it was on a friend’s Facebook page, not mine....more

Dear Bullied Kids: It Gets Better Because You Get Stronger

I remember the feeling. I would stand, my back up against the fence, my legs weak. I’d stand there and wonder which way I would run this time and if they’d chase me, or if I’d get away with just having rocks thrown at me. I’d watch them close in, chanting their stupid name they made up about my nose, which was upturned “like a pig’s”. And I’d wonder when this hell would be over. When it would be my turn to watch them squirm? But more than that, when would I just be accepted like they all seemed to be? Why did I have to be the one everyone made fun of?It’s not a new feeling....more

Stop Online Beauty Smearing and Beauty Bullying

I was laying in bed asking myself what can I do to prove to everyone that I did not post this horrible comment, I realized aside from using my voice I really can't. I will probably never find out who did it, the night it happened I was devastated, yesterday I was angry, & today instead of being reactive I’m going to be proactive. I am not the only person that this kind of thing has happened to, & we can change passwords etc. but that won’t stop it from happening again to someone else....more

Standing Up Against Bullying

 "The cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many."♥ ...more

How to Talk to Your (Young) Kids About Bullying

Cyber Harassment and accountability...

I have written about this topic before because it is a personal issue....more

An open letter to moms...

Some believe the so-called “Mommy Wars” are not real. That they have simply been created by the media to make a profit. There is no denying the media does what it can to fan the flames. But the simple fact is, there would be nothing to ignite if the embers did not burn within us....more