Happy Cybils Day: The 2011 Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards

February 14 is one of my favourite days of the whole year. No, I'm not talking about Valentine's Day. February 14 is the day that the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards, or as they are better known Cybils, are announced. I have been a big fan of this award since it launched in 2007 and each year I wake up on the 14th and start bouncing because I generally know who I want to win the awards... but will they?...more
Sigh.... every year, I end up with a whole bunch of new books added to my TBR list because of ...more

Welcome to the BlogHer Book Club!

Welcome to the BlogHer Book Club! I'm your host, Karen Ballum, though you might know me better as Sassymonkey. I've been BlogHer's Contributing Editor for books since 2006 and I've been lucky to do some pretty cool things here on BlogHer.com. I've interviewed authors, been a Cybils Book Awards judge, and simply had a blast talking about all manner of bookish things with you over the last five years. Being able to welcome you to the new BlogHer Book Club? That just takes the cake. ...more
I am so glad that I found you guys. I don't know how I missed you. more

The 2009 Cybil Award Winners

For many people February 14 is just Valentine's Day. For book bloggers it's something else altogether -- it's the day the Cybils winners are announced! What are the Cybils? They just happen to be one of the best book awards out there. ...more

Wow I never knew about this. thanksmore

And the Cybils go to...

This is what you need to know about the Cybils awards. The Cybils are one of the most fun book awards out there. They cover books for children and teens) published in the past year and all books are nominated by readers. The books are then read by a volunteer reading staff who are responsible for finding their own copies of the books (really nice publishers sometimes kick in review copies for them). It's a grassroots as an award can be and it's utterly fantastic. ...more

I finished the graphic novel winner, Rapunzel's Revenge, last night and it is fantastic. Liz, ...more