The Radical Act of Knitting: Mothers Warm Hearts World-Wide

Calling all knitters for peace!  Can a cozy inspire positive change?  Can it do more than warm our bodies but also warm our hearts?  Maybe not one cozy but perhaps 4,000 can.  Individuals and groups all over the world in places like; Turkey, the United States, South Africa, Chile, France, and even people in my home town are knitting their way towards a 150' quilt to drape across the fence in front of the White House that promotes peace during CODEPINK's historic Mother's Day event and vigil. ...more

I remember knitters gathering squares for quilts after natural disasters and the "wombs on ...more

Senator from South Carolina locks his car doors when he sees District of Columbia school kids

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) keeps his doors locked while driving near D.C. public schools. Source: Getty Images Man, what a wimp. A bunch of school kids playing in their neighborhood and what does South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint do? ...more

Just one more thing to add to the long list of reasons why Jim DeMint can suck ...more

Bono in Washington, DC

I have to push down all of my stalker tendencies today. I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJ slyly let it slip that Bono is in town today to talk to some senators, most likely about getting more aid for Africa. Let's face it Bono and DATA are pretty much one track minds, aid for Africa, aid for Africa, aid for Africa. I don't think Bono has much time for dinner with me, right? ...more

It is good, I love him for all the good he does, but one day when he is old and gray (still ...more